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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

March 11, 1921

Masquerade ball delightful event

The first mask ball to be given in this city for many years was held at the Pavilion Monday evening, and the event proved to be the most popular event of the season. One hundred and fourteen couples attended in mask and costume and presented a fine spectacle in different makeups and costumes of brilliant colors. There were many elegant costumes displayed, so many in fact, that it was no little problem for the judges to finally pass on the winners, which they did only after the most thorough consideration of the points in favor of all who came under their scrutiny.

The promoter’s idea of the event as brought out in all publicity, viz: “for ladies and gentlemen,” fully measured up to expectations.

The first two prizes were awarded to Mrs. Stanley Howell of Paris and Walter Sarbach of this city. The costumes of Mrs. Howell and Mr. Sarbach were chosen by the judges as the most worthy.

Mr. R. A. Sullivan, Mrs. Ed C. Rich, Mr. Sidney L. Burgoyne, and Mr. J. J. Sarbach acted as judges.

75 years ago

The News-Examiner

March 14, 1946

Advertising created buying preference

(From the Publisher’s Auxiliary)

In those days and years of plenty, before the war, most of us had developed preferences for certain stores and certain brands of commodities. Advertising had been largely responsible for those preferences.

The effect of that advertising was largely destroyed by the scarcity created by the demands of war. We bought where we could, and what we could find. We no longer expected our favorite merchant to satisfy our needs, and we accepted substitutes, when we could get them. We shopped around for what we could find.

The customers of the 1940 the merchant recognized this as his standbys disappeared during war days and are scattered now. The preferences of former years dissipated by the demands of war. None were exempt, and no merchant escaped the customer penalty that war imposed.

For the merchant a new list of standby customers is to be developed. He must get back those of former years and re-establish that confidence in his ability to supply any and all commodities in his line that may be demanded.

To re-establish such preferences will require much time, much advertising, and much thought. Establishing the store as a place to again secure preferred brands of past years will do much to bring back the stand-by customers of previous years. There has never been a time as this when making a store known as the unfailing headquarters for preferred brands of merchandise in the weeks and months of the immediate future has been so important.

50 years ago

The News-Examiner

March 11 1971

Teams quality for regional meet

Bear Lake High School debaters rolled through the district competition in Pocatello last week by placing all four district qualifying teams in the Regional meet which will be held in Idaho Falls on March 15-16.

According to Coach Marden Phelps, the four teams debating on the subject of “Resolved: That the Federal Government should establish, finance and administer programs to control air, and/or water pollution in the United States,” won a total of 21 debate rounds while losing 17.

Teams composed of Rod Galloway and Brad Austin; Julie Kibby and Jeannie Sneddon; Norman Mecham and Amy Ward; and Dorothy Brown and Kathy Bird were entered into the District competition. All will advance to the finals. Miss Brown and Miss Bird scored the best record at the District with a six win and three loss record. The other three teams all scored 5-4 records.

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

March 13, 1996

County to fund history week

Bear Lake County agreed to fund $1,000 for Bear Lake History week. Much of the money will be spent for events, insurance, and promotion for observance of the centennial anniversary of the Butch Cassidy Robbery.

The County was asked to issue a proclamation to announce Bear Lake History Week for Aug. 12-17 and to help fund the events. The anniversary of the real robbery is Aug. 13. Events surrounding the reenactment will be in connection with the Bear Lake County Fair.

Paul Newman and Robert Redford have been asked if they can make public appearances at the event. Paul Newman will be out of the country filming, but it is possible Robert Redford may have an opening in his schedule at that time.

Pat Wilde has been enlisted to help write the script for the event.

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