100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

August 8th, 1919


About 125 representing every section of the county, attended the meeting at the city hall last Tuesday night to discuss the feed situation and to determine what action should be takin regard to shipping stock out of the county for the winter. Alma Findlay of Bloomington, presided at the meeting.

County Agent Sargent stated that the county’s hay crop this year would be about 65 per cent of normal.

The question of the hay raisers and stock men getting together on the price of hay was discussed but the sentiment among the farmers was that they intended to sell their surplus hay at the highest price they could get for it. This, the stock men declared, would prohibit them from purchasing hay for feeding purchases.

The question of shipping stock to eastern and southern pastures was discussed in all its phases.

75 years ago

The News-Examiner

August 10th, 1944


Private Sherril Beck, 20, son of Leon A. Beck of Ovid, was killed in action on D-Day in France, according to information received Monday by his father from the war department. Private Beck of the engineer corps entered the service on February 28, 1943, and before arriving in England in October of 1943, had trained at Camp Swift, Texas. He was born June 20, 1924 and was a member of the 1942 graduating class of Fielding high school.

Following is a copy of the last letter received by his grandmother and his aunt, Ila Porter from Private Beck, written on May 28.

“Well, guess I’ll just try writing a few lines to let you know that I’m still O.K., feeling fine, and thinking of you both day and night. I do hope that everything is all right at home and that you are both in good health.

For the past few days I’ve been thinking over what was going on a year ago. It seemed to me that the train just would not go fast enough to suit me. My, but it was a long, old ride, but well worth it. Boy, how I would like to knock on your door again and ask if you had an extra bed for the night. Those were the days, weren’t they Gram? I can still see the valley as it looked that beautiful May morning, the mountains and hills, so green and lovely looking. I think it was the most beautiful sight I’ve seen. If only I can see it again as it was a year ago. It seems so long ago, doesn’t it?

I pray that you both may be kept in the best of health, that the Lord’s blessings may be showered upon you to keep you both safe from harm and illness, that I might see you again.”

The following is a motto from Private Beck send to his Grandmother on Mother’s Day, reminding her of his love and to hope on:

The dawn is not distant, Nor is the night starless; Love is eternal! God is still God And his faith shall not fail us; Christ is Eternal!

50 years ago

The News-Examiner

August 7th, 1969

CITY COUNCIL MAKES DECISION IN CASE INVOLVING MEDICAL BILLMontpelier City Council went on to record at regular meeting Tuesday evening as refusing “to pay the charges incident to the costs incurred by shooting of one Stephen Hull on August 8, 1968 in view of the fact we feel we are not legally liable,” according to minutes made available by Clerk June Bunderson.

Councilman T.R. Sneddon made the motion which was seconded by Floyd Bird and voted on affirmatively by other councilmen, Warren G. Wright, Theo Nelson and Raymond Peterson. Councilman Don Kunz was not present.

Action was taken as a result of a letter addressed to Gary Williams, Bear Lake County Prosecuting Attorney, from Daniel A. Slavin, Deputy Attorney General, in which it was stated “The City of Montpelier is responsible for Mr. Hull’s medical expenses under the theory of Implied Contract.” Hull was shot by a city policeman while fleeing from an attempted burglary of the Modern Drug Store. Hospital and medical treatment costs amount to a few thousands of dollars.

25 years ago

The News-Examiner

August 10th, 1994


Jerry Myers and Kathleen Lewis from the Pocatello Downtown group told the committee that grant money is available but it must be matched with local money, and that the people in this community must do the work, be creative, get the local people to cooperate and keep long term commitment to the projects they wish to undertake.

Government agencies require a certain type of organization and structure to the revitalization efforts if the accept them and issue grant money.

Meyers pointed out that it will be difficult if not impossible to attract manufacturing and other business if the community does not look better.

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