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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

September 24, 1920

“The Lady of the Scarlet Poppy”

Just at the time when the vogue of the “vamp” on the speaking stage seemed to have run its course although it had a long spell of it from Cleopatra to Theda Bara, the Century Play Company with the idea in mind of a “revival of the fittest” engaged Lynn Osborn to make an adaptation of “Forget Me Not,” the sensation of a score of years ago and the adopter carried out his commission with gratifying results for in “The Lady of the Scarlet Poppy” which is its new title one of the best stock productions of the past ten years has been evolved. The central figure is Pauline Ballastro, a siren, who lured men to their destruction both thru their love for her and over the gambling tables conducted by her husband.

Manager E. Forrest Taylor of the Rotation Stock Company, always on the alert for the newest, and best plays has already contracted for “The Lady of the Scarlet Poppy” and it will be shown here at the Gem Theatre on Thursday, September 30th.

75 years ago

The Paris Post

September 20, 1945

40 Boys out for Football at Fielding High to Start Season

About forty boys have turned out for football practice at Fielding High this year, and although the team will be handicapped for lack of a professional coach, we are hopeful of a fairly successful season.

Along with getting out The Paris Post each week, we consented to help out all we could with football. All efforts were expended to secure a coach, but it seemed to have proven an impossibility, and unless local help could be secured, football would have to be abandoned for this year. So, in order to keep the sport alive at Fielding this year, yours truly will do his best to help out. The boys seemed to be more than glad to cooperate.

A full team of lettermen are back this year and is going to be a great help in putting a good team in the field.

50 years ago

News Examiner

September 24, 1970

Sponsor Bargain Days in Montpelier

The Montpelier Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring Back Door Bargain Days on Friday and Saturday as a merchandising attraction during the construction on Washington Street.

The retail committee headed by J. Richard Burgoyne is in charge of the sales event. A portable TV and other prizes are being given.

Pictures of owners and employees of the 32 participating firms, disguised in outlandish wigs, have been numbered and placed in the stores other than where they are employed. Winners will be the persons who take the ballots and go to all stores and write in a blank space by the store name the picture number identifying the employee associated in a particular store.

The Chamber of Commerce is also continuing to give prizes to the shopper who may choose a lucky off-street parking space.

25 years ago

News Examiner

September 20, 1995

Homecoming Keeps Everyone Busy

“Believe and Achieve” was the theme for the 1995 Homecoming last week at the Bear Lake High School. The week was packed with spirit-boosting activities designed to promote student participation.

The week started with dress-up days so each class could show its spirit by the number of participants. Mondays was Flannel/Plaid day, Tuesday was Hot day, Wednesday was Hippie day, Thursday was Pajama day and Friday was Blue and White day.

Almost 300 students joined the annual pep rally Tuesday evening with games, the hokey pokey, a dummy contest and the ever popular bon fire. The winners of the Indian dummy contest were first place, Chet Keetch, second place, Adam Phelps, and fourth place, Lizzie Wright.

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