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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

July 2, 1920

Albert Prescott is Killed by Lightning

Tuesday afternoon during the severe lightning and thunder storms which passed over the valley, Albert Prescott of Sharon was killed by lightning about two miles up Miles’ Canyon near Sharon. Mr. Prescott was 17 years of age and was the son of Mrs. Eliza Prescott, a widow of Sharon. The young man was engaged in herding sheep. When the body was found later by friends in search of him, his faithful dog was lying near the body, also dead, the lightning having killed both.

County Coroner F. M. Williams was called to Sharon and upon investigation found the cause of death to be as stated.

75 years ago

The Paris Post

July 5, 1945

1945 Census Shows Bear Lake County with 731 Farms

The number of farms in Bear Lake County as shown by the preliminary count of returns of the 1945 census of agriculture was 731, as compared with 711 in 1940, and 821 in 1935. This was announced by Irus B. Hammond, supervisor for the 1945 farm census in the Third Idaho Census District with headquarters at Idaho Falls.

The total land in farms in Bear Lake County, according to the preliminary 1945 census count, was 336,507 acres, as compared with 259,934 acres in 1940, and 265,277 acres in 1935. Average size of farms shown in the preliminary census count was 460 acres, as compared with 368 acres in 1940, and 323 acres in 1935.

50 years ago


July 2, 1970

St. Charles Man Has Old Newspaper

A copy of The Bear Lake Democrat bearing the date of Friday, July 17, 1885, is in the possession of E.P. Cleveland of St. Charles. The eight-column four-page issue is well preserved showing little discoloration or brittleness considering its age of nearly 85 years.

On the left front page and below the name plate is printed Robert S. Spence, Editor, followed by “Eternal Vigilance is the Price of Liberty,” and on the right, Bear Lake Printing Co., Proprietors.

The Democrat was entered at the post office at Paris, Idaho Territory as second-class matter. Subscription for one year was $3 and single copy 10 cents. Advertising rates were “very low and made known on application.”

Pre-set world, national and territorial news take up much of the front page. Advertisements from stores in Paris, St. Charles and Montpelier as well as Ogden, Chicago, and eastern states constitute over on-half of the four pages. One reader ad two columns wide and 10 inches deep is headed “Good Luck” The Royal Baking Powder Never Fails to do Perfect Work.

A note to subscribers: Our agent will call on you shortly for amount due us. Please have your money ready and oblige.

A wide variety of patent medicines claim miraculous cures. One such is Dr. Guysott’s Yellow Dock and Sarsaparilla. The reader ad begins: In these degenerate days when ennui or a morbid craving or excitement alternately depresses and enlivens the animal pulse of unfortunate humanity….

Joseph C. Rich founded the Bear Lake Democrat in 1880, according to the History of Bear Lake Pioneers, published in 1968 by Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

25 years ago

News Examiner

July 5, 1995

New CAT scanner put into operation at hospital

Since installation a week ago, the CAT scanner at Bear Lake Memorial Hospital has been in use. Jeff Cochran, who has received training in its operation, will be the chief operator, but at least one other person will be trained to use the scanner. A new room was added to the hospital to house the scanner and its controls.

The CAT scanner is able to show a “slice” of a person’s body, is able to show soft tissue fairly well, and is considered a valuable diagnostic tool for medical care. Before installation of the scanner a number of patients from the valley had to be sent to Logan for the service.

The scanner will help doctors begin treatment of local patients earlier and allow people to get such medical care without having to travel. The hospital board has indicated that they believe the scanner will help maintain the financial stability of the local hospital.

The hospital used reserve funds to buy the scanner and to provide room for its use.

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