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100 years ago

Montpelier Examiner

November 19, 1920

Home destroyed by morning blaze

An early morning blaze Wednesday destroyed the house occupied by Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Griffin, burning up most of their personal effects and a valuable hunting dog owned by Mr. Griffin.

The house was located on the street east of Washington, east of the Preston home. The furnishings belonging to the house, and the fire resulted in an almost total loss, estimated at $1,500 and no insurance.

It appears that Mrs. Griffin after building a fire in the morning, went out and remained for a considerable time. The stove became overheated and started the fire. Mr. Griffin is in the railroad service and had departed for work and did not return in time to save any of the furnishings.

In Montpelier where there are so many frame buildings, it is extremely dangerous to leave the house with a roaring fire. Many fires have resulted from this source.

75 years ago

News Examiner

November 15, 1945

Preston wins by 14 to 0 score

The M.H.S. Bears were defeated 14 to 0 by Preston in the latter’s homecoming game, played in a driving snowstorm on Monday. Except during the early part of the first quarter, when Preston scored two touchdowns, one on a 60 yard run from the first offensive play, and the other a few minutes later on a drive after exchange of punts, the Bears played on even terms, and on several occasions threatened to score.

Although considerably outweighed, the Montpelier line broke through the Preston front wall time after time and threw opposing ball carriers for losses, Montpelier backs, unable to cut or turn on account of the field, depended on straight ahead play, with Dunn, Jerry, and David Wright doing most of the ball carrying.

Bowles, Preston fullback, and Lloyd, quarterback, accounted for the two Preston touchdowns. This gave Preston the district Class A Championship. Following was Malad with one defeat, and Montpelier with two. This concluded the Bear’s football season, ending with three losses and three wins.

50 Years ago

News Examiner

November 19, 1970

Accident occurs in Montpelier

A rear-end collision occurred between eastbound cars of H.E. Chadwell and Paul H. Grandy on Washington Street near the 7th Street intersection about 6:12 p.m. Friday, November 13, according to a report by Chief C. A. (Al) Corbin.

After hitting Grandy’s small sports car, Chadwell continued in his 1965 model two-door sedan and came to a stop on an earth embankment from construction work at 5th Street. A jammed throttle linkage made stopping difficult, Mr. Chadwell reported. He was cited for leaving the scene of an accident. Mr. Grandy’s car was extensively damaged.

25 years ago

News Examiner

November 15, 1995

Given National Award

Sharlene Woffinden received a Distinguished Service Award from Linda Webb 1994-95 President of the National Association of Extension 4-H Agents. Woffinden received a Distinguished Service Award at the association’s annual convention Oct. 22-26 in Billings, Mt. The Idaho Association of Extension 4-H agents nominated Woffinden for the award for her outstanding achievement. She has been a member of the state association for five years and has served as treasurer and was elected as president-elect for 95-96. Woffinden was among 1,200 professional youth workers from all 50 states and Puerto Rico attending the five-day association conference. It was hosted by the Montana Association of Extension 4-H Agents.

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