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Paris City Council held its regular Council meeting on September 7. All Council members were present.

The Council completed the regular business of the meeting.

The Council moved to go to the Public Hearing on the Variance for Sara Wallentine’s building permit. The Council approved entering the hearing. No public chose to comment at the hearing. The Council approved the permit.

The Council then entered a Public Hearing for the 2021-2022 Budget and to open the 2020-2021 Budget to accept received funds. No Public attended to comment at the hearing. The Council accepted the 2021-2022 Budget and the funds to add for the 2020-2021 budget.

The Council then heard from Adam Johnson on the cost and types of water meters that the City could use to help assess water usage. The Council is not planning to charge by meter usage but would like a better accounting of the amount of water an average household is using. When the meters are implemented, there would be a base price for up to a set amount, and then residents would be charged so much for every 1000 gallons over that amount. This method has helped several areas bring water usage down and curb watering violations.

The Council is considering requiring all new buildings to install a meter when water is provided to the lot. The Council did not decide at this time. All short-term rentals are also being considered for meters.

The Council approved vacating the road from Sleight Canyon Rd to Beck Lane. As all property owners involved favor this action, Attorney Joe Hayes will prepare the necessary paperwork.

The Council then discussed the request for a written easement for the property accessed through the cemetery road. It is an unmaintained road; currently, there is a prescriptive easement. Hayes will prepare the necessary documentation.

The Council discussed signage for special events. The Council decided that signage may be placed for the events but must be removed the day after.

The Mayor told the Council that the cost for the chain-link fence considered for the Cemetery would cost about $30,000. The Council agreed this is not something the City can afford to do at this time.

Dana Jacobsen reported she is still seeking pricing information on the radar speed signs.

On old business, Wayne Davidson was present and asked about the progress on Short-term rental inspections. He has had requests for 11 to 15m reviews, but only three have been completed. The Council requested Clerk Matthews to present the completed license application and Davidson’s review for Council approval.

The need for an encroachment permit on any building that will impact city property to be obtained was discussed. Davidson will require proof of the permit before issuing a building permit.

The contract for legal services from Joe Hayes was distributed to all Council members for review and will be signed at the next meeting if approved.

The City will obtain the necessary stickers for the crosswalk by the school on Fielding and Center Street.

The Mayor polled Council members for any comments or concerns. The Council had no further comments.

Adam Johnson discussed the need for sewer lift stations on some of the building projects currently before the Planning and Zoning Board.

The Council then entered an executive session. The Council made no decision when returning to the open meeting. The Council then adjourned the meeting.

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