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Paris City Council held its meeting on Sept. 21. All members were present.

Emergency action was needed for Ordinance 403 and 404 to be passed or denied by the Council. The Council completed the regular business of the meeting.

The Council read and approved Ordinance 404, Annual Appropriation Ordinance and Ordinance 403, Ordinance vacating a platted City right-of-way.

The Mayor made the Council of a possible issue with the distance of driveways and property lines. There is also a potential issue with also with fire hydrants. Mark Parker, the County Marshall, said that a fifteen-foot radius is needed so the fire department can access the hydrants at all times. If a driveway is placed on the property line, snow removal could damage any neighboring fences. The Council determined that Driveways need to be ten ft from the property line and fifteen feet from any fire hydrant.

The Council felt that property owners on a new build need to understand if utilities aren’t to the property, any approach to the property could be disturbed when the utilities are installed. The Council asks that impact fees, fire hydrant, and driveway setbacks be implemented in the building code.

The Mayor gave the prices for the purchase of a roller. The City rents a roller every year. The rent amount could make a payment on a roller, and in time this would be a saving to the City. The Council agreed and approved the Mayor to negotiate terms.

The Council discussed a Short-term rental license and decided all applications that have passed the inspection should be returned to the Clerk and presented to the Council for final approval.

The Council tabled the request for a deeded easement until the requestor has provided the City with the legal description and it is assured all land involved is City property.

The Council approved the contract with Joe Hayes to provide legal services to the City. This will be a flat rate of $750.00 unless there is litigation necessary.

The Council approved a three percent wage increase for all of their employees.

Information was not available for the Cemetery fence and the electronic speed signs.

In old business, Adam Johnson, from planning and zoning, informed the Council that P and Z had determined that parcels 3 and 4 of the Johnson land needed to have the inch and a half water line run on the fence line to reduce any possible impact to the other lots. The agreement will be drawn up and signed at the next Council meeting on Oct. 5. Johnson had wanted to close by the end of the month, but this won’t be possible.

Adam also informed the Council that some people are renting fields on a short-term lease. There are no regulations for this practice at this time.

The Mayor then polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked if the Attorney had sent the letter to the property owner running a hose under the street to water the property. The Attorney has not yet been sent the letter.

Kelly Jensen asked that if there is some rain, could the City crew grade the gravel roads in the City. The Mayor said he would have the City crew could do that.

The Mayor reported that the water would be run to the McPherson properties on Wilkes lane as soon as the road boring company arrives.

The Council approved the bills and adjourned the meeting.

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