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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on May 19, 2020. The meeting was attended by conference call. All Council members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from Jim Miller. Mr. Miller is interested in helping with any Fourth of July activities that may require assistance. He is married to Shari Brown, daughter of Farrell and Judy Brown. Last year the Brown family was in the parade; they loved the celebrations of the day and want to help any way they can.

The Council had to decide what, if any, Fourth of July celebrations will be held. After discussion and deep thought and concern, the Council decided to cancel all Fourth of July activities in Paris for this year. The Council is afraid if they go ahead, instead of three or four thousand people attending, there will be ten thousand, and they don’t think social distancing and sanitation standards can be met. They do not want to be the reason Bear Lake County residents contract COVID-19. The Council wishes there were an adequate way to make things safe, but at this time, they do not see a way.

The Council then discussed the public hearing that will be held May 21. Joe Hayes has agreed to be at the hearing to explain the new ordinances to any who have questions. People wanting to attend will need to call and get the access number and code. The notice has been published in The News-Examiner for two weeks. The hearing will be on the Short-Term Rental Ordinance, Noise Ordinance, and R.V. Parking Ordinance. The hearing will be held on a conference call due to social distancing.

The Council then voiced additional comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked about the new road the city made and wondered if it was completed, and if it was, when the barricades would be taken down. The Mayor will follow up on this.

Jeanna also requested that the Council members all watch for new buildings or sheds being installed without a building permit.

Kelly Jensen asked about dumpsters that are placed on the city right-of-way. The Mayor will talk to the people who are doing this and get the issue resolved. The city will not allow citizens to leave dumpsters on the right-of-way.

Connar Lutz asked what progress has been made on the ADA ramp project. The project is expected to be completed in the last two weeks of June.

Dana Jacobsen asked about getting the flags that are to be placed at the cemetery for Memorial Day. It was decided that the city crew will take them up Friday morning. Dana also asked about flags being put on Main Street for the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. The Mayor thought that would be something that should be done.

Dana had concerns about a shed that was placed next to her property that does not meet the setback. It is only five feet from the property line, and she has a concern about snow falling on her fence. The property owner did not apply for a building permit. The Council talked about how to get the word out to citizens that they must obtain a building permit before they can start to build, or they may be subject to a fine. A registered letter with a copy of the ordinance will be mailed to any citizen who violates the order.

The Mayor gave his report and said the fire hydrant has been replaced, and they will get the old one repaired so they can have an extra. The pasture fence has been repaired. Wilks reported that the rodeo arena needs work, and the best way to do this was discussed.

There has been a culvert that was filled in by a citizen, and this will cause some flooding. The Mayor will talk with them about how this isn’t allowed. The citizen will need to clean the culvert out so it is free-flowing.

For the current time, any scrap metal received will just be held as Hennings will take it, but due to the prices being so low, they won’t pay anything for the metal.

The crew has put up the “No Dogs Allowed” signs at the parks and the cemetery.

The clerk was told that Officer Knutti did not work the month of May due to family reasons.

The cemetery and the parks have had the weeds sprayed.

No further comments were made, so the meeting was adjourned.

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