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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Nov. 3. All members were present. The Council completed the regular business of the meeting.

The first item on the agenda was water meters. Chris Free from Hudson was present at the meeting to show the Council the different water meters and the pros and cons. He gave the Council some figures on how much a simple leaking faucet uses. The meters all meet the Idaho Standards for Public Works. The meters themselves are $150-$170. Depending on how data is collected from the meter, the radio unit can run about the same. This company also makes a pit to protect and house the meters. The pit is what adds significant cost running from $750-$800 each. If the City were to consider adding meters, it could help track the City’s water usage and help find problem areas. Many cities with residents unwilling to follow the watering regulations have installed meters, resulting in significant savings. The Council will consider their options. Free also discussed options that would help with issues the City has at the Sewer Ponds.

The next item, approving Short-term rentals, was tabled until they had more licenses.

Mayor Wilkes reported to the Council that the water sprinkler system is in at Sleight’s park. The system still needs to be hooked to the water. The Council asked about having the same type of system installed at Memory Park. The Mayor will follow up on the request.

The Council then reviewed the updated Ordinance 376. The Council questioned if having electricity installed on a property before allowing the building to begin should be changed in the Ordinance. The City has no control of the electrical installation. This item was tabled as the Council has requested some additional information.

The Council was informed by Clerk Dave Matthews the last Comprehensive study for the City was released in 1999. Matthews will forward a copy of the plan to all Council members for review.

The agreement for the sewer line installation on the Johnson property was tabled as it needs more specific language added.

The Council reviewed the letter that is sent to all residents every year. It will be a two-page letter this year.

The Council approved the Encroachment Permit that all residents who do any work that disturbs the City Right of Way must obtain.

The last agenda item was a request from a resident who thinks he paid for a water and sewer hook-up in 2000. He is asking not to have to pay the current cost of $2000 again. He does not have a copy of the check, and the City does not have a record of the transaction. A curb stop was installed when the City water system was redone, which indicates he had arranged to have water on the property. The Council was willing to apply the amount he would have paid to the current cost of water.

The Mayor polled the Council for any comments or concerns. The only comment was from Dana Jacobsen asking about putting out flags for Veteran’s Day and if the City Crew is working on cleaning the storm drains.

Mayor Wilks informed the Council that Paris Canyon is partly done. The new roller has been delivered. The Mayor contacted Keller’s to give them the specs on the building repairs needed to get bids.

The Council then moved to Executive Session. The Council made no decisions after returning to the open meeting. The Council then adjourned the meeting.

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