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The Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Sept. 1. All members were present.

The Council conducted the regular business of the meeting and paying of the bills, and the Council voted to move to the Public Hearing.

There were no community members to comment on the hearing. The Council also opened the budget to transfer $20,000 from the general fund to the Streets and Walks to help cover the expense of the road work done this year. The Motion was approved.

The meeting moved from the public hearing to the regular meeting. The Council approved Ordinance 400. This Ordinance approved the budget for 20-21.

The next item was a building permit. The permit had not been completed, so the matter was tabled.

The Council was updated on the progress of the new Nuisance Ordinance. The Ordinance still needs to be published in summary form and then will be enacted.

The City had received a complaint with two issues. The first issue was a rooster crowing near the complaining party’s property. The rooster crowing was not considered to be a violation. The second issue was garbage on the property next to the complainant extending into the roadway creating a parking hazard. The debris will be addressed with the landowner by the City Attorney.

The Mayor polled the Council for any concerns or complaints.

Jeanna Matthews asked about camping at the City Park. There is no camping allowed at the park. There is a sign that says “No camping without permission.” The sign will be changed to “No Camping.”

Kelly Jensen had no concerns.

Connar Lutz asked about putting a speed limit sign on 2nd North coming into town from the Bottoms. The Council agreed that a sign should be placed there. Several Council members had seen vehicles traveling over the speed limit in this area.

Lutz also asked about the completion of the ADA ramps. The Mayor said he would address that in his portion of the meeting.

Dana Jacobsen stated that she met with the representative from Brown Monument about the old headstones that are deteriorating. The old stones are made from sandstone. The man from Brown’s said they could be repaired, but it would be a substantial cost to the City, and the repairs would not last. It was suggested a form be placed on the grave and the headstone secured in the concrete face up. The concrete placement keeps any further damage to the stones from happening and looks nice for a minimal cost. It was also suggested any headstones that are sinking be leveled as the tipping is what causes the headstones to initially be damaged.

The Mayor will discuss this problem with the City crew.

The Mayor then discussed the issues he had. Kyle, the engineer over the ADA project, was contacted about the work that has not been completed. Kyle will get with the Dykeman Company to get the necessary repairs made. There is another firm Kyle feels could do an excellent job on the other work to be done and will make arrangements so the Paris Stake President can meet to discuss the possibilities of a ramp at the tabernacle.

Mayor Wilks reported the weed eaters the City currently has are several years old and can no longer be repaired. Arrangements are being made to purchase one this fall and another next spring.

Bill Pettis researched the costs of putting a fence around the cemetery. The charges were higher than anticipated. Pettis will meet with the Council at a later date.

Clyde, the engineer from Sunrise Engineering, looked at the area where Clausings are planning on building. The line there is most likely an old two-inch galvanized pipe. This pipe will need to be replaced and brought up to the standard of the rest of the city water system. The different options on the sewer system were discussed. Sunrise recommends using a camera to determine where the system ends and what would be the best choice. The Mayor can make these arrangements.

The sidewalk in front of the old Grimmett building and the one in front of the Bings building was discussed. The Mayor discussed who should make the repairs. Due to some other damage issues, the City will make the repairs to these properties.

There has been a shed placed on a property without the necessary building permit. The owner will be contacted to obtain the required permit.

There has been a sewer connection made without the City making the necessary inspections to the sewer line. The connection will need to be dug up so the examination can be made. If the property owner does not dig up the connection, the City crew may need to do so and charge the property owner.

There were no further comments.

Jensen made the Motion to adjourn the meeting.

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