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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on May 4. All members were present. The Council completed the regular business of the meeting then moved to the agenda items.

The first agenda item was Cody’s request for liquor by the drink. After discussion by the Council, it was decided no further action was needed.

The Council reviewed the Employee Manual and approved the suggested changes.

The next agenda item was water service for the south side of the County Courthouse. After discussion, the matter was tabled as more information is needed.

The Council discussed the 4th of July celebration. It was brought to the Council’s attention that the hours for breakfast had been incorrectly reported and that the breakfast will proceed until 10:30 a.m.

The Council also discussed the Fun Run Event. They will try to find someone to be in charge of this event as the radio station may not want to be in charge of the Run this year.

The Council has decided to wait until fall to get the street lights replaced on Main Street.

The Council discussed old business, and Dana Jacobsen submitted a list of property owners advertising short-term rentals who have not gotten the necessary permits. The Mayor turned this over to Wayne Davison to red tag these properties.

Dave Matthews, City Clerk, reported on the water that is currently being used. The City can have as much as 2.5 cubic feet per second of water, but the highest use this year has been .67 cubic feet. The use will continue to be monitored.

The Council discussed the problem with citizens having open hoses. Anyone with a hose to a trough will need to install a float on the trough so water is not just running out on the ground. There have been several incidents of this which is causing problems. Citizens who continue to spill water in this manner may have their water shut off and may receive a fine until the situation is corrected.

The Mayor then polled the Council for comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked about decorations at the cemetery. A citizen had also contacted the Mayor about this. Any grave decoration left longer than the week after Memorial Day must be on a shepherd hook or in the holes some of the headstones have for flowers. Matthews said many that had been on the headstones are now gone. There was no explanation for what may have happened to the decorations. The Mayor also said that hanging decorations in the trees is not allowed.

Kelly Jensen had no comments or concerns.

Connar Lutz asked about progress on the Tabernacle and handicapped access from the street. The Mayor said it would need to be engineered and the cost given to the Stake President; then the Church would be responsible for the cost of the project.

Lutz also asked about when the sweeper is expected as several sidewalks and gutters need to be cleaned. The Mayor expects it to arrive soon, but no specific date has been given.

Dana Jacobsen asked about the plan for the dirt on either side of the new Courthouse sidewalk. The Mayor said he thinks that area will be smoothed and grass will be planted there.

Jacobsen also asked about the letter explaining the increase in sewer fees, and the Council discussed what other information should be included in the letter. Jacobsen will work on the letter and is hoping for approval in the next Council meeting.

The Mayor then discussed road chips and how much should be purchased for road maintenance this year. The City received a grant that will help with the cost of this project.

The Mayor was also asked if Officer Knutti will be patrolling for the City this year. Knutti is not going to be able to do this as he has in the past. The Mayor will speak with Sheriff Heslington to determine if any other officer would like to be hired to do the patrolling.

There were no further comments, so the Council moved to adjourn the meeting.

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