Paris City Council held it’s regular meeting on Nov. 19th. All members were present. After the regular business of the meeting the council moved to the agenda items. The two members of the council who will start in January also attended the meeting. The first item was to certify the results from the 11/5/19 election. The Mayor found an error in the results said the Mayor position which was won by Brad Wilks was a two- year position. The Mayor said this was to be a four-year position. The Mayor plans onhaving the council correct this error. Kelly Jensen had the most votes with votes, Connor Lutz received 87, Laurie Rich received 37 votes. There is two positions open for the four-year terms. This will be filled by Jensen and Lutz. The two-year position will be filled by Jeanna Mathews, who received 79 votes. Adam Johnson received 39 write-in votes.

The question of rather both council meetings in December should be held was discussed. Because the Dec. meeting is no early in the month the council decided to wait until the first meeting in Dec. to decide on this issue. The item was tabled.

The next item on the agenda was to decide about the sewer being extended on 2nd East and 2nd North.

LaVoy Eborn is building a home on his property in the area. The closest sewer hook-up to the area is about a half block away. There is a proposed plan to build three more structures on the property. The Mayor has discussed the matter with Eborn. After some discussion on the matter the council decided that the Mayor should call and find out the cost of engineering this extension. The estimate for the engineering will probably $4000. The council will decide from there what their next action will be.

The next item was the purchase of new playground equipment. The council had already approved the purchase at a previous meeting. The Mayor showed the council the types of slides that had been purchased. There will be a tube slide and a wave slide. The city will also be purchasing a ladder for the play area. This will be completed next spring.

The next item was the building permit for Lavoy Eborn. He has submitted the application and the structure meets the ordinance requirements. The council approved the permit.

The next item was the Christmas Bonus and the Thanksgiving and Christmas meet. The council approved the purchase and are doing the same amounts that they gave last year.

The council then was given the opportunity to bring up and comments or concerns.

Brad Wilks brought up the fact that there are several streetlights in town that are out or only working intermittently. The Mayor will report this to Rocky Mountain Power. Wilkes also reported that KM Ranch as contacted him about the shed they are building. They moved the Shed away from the property line enough so that when the build a lean too on the back of the building they will still meet code. Wilks had looked at the property and everything looks good.

Dana Jacobsen asked why invoices are not sent with the bill from Kellerstrauss. City Clerk Matthews will request that this be done in the future. She also asked if the city crew would be putting Christmas lights in the park this year. The Mayor said yes but they had been working on projects that needed the man lift while the city had one available.

Kelly Jensen commented that the grading by his home had still not been completed. The Mayor stated it was scheduled for the upcoming week.

Adam Johnson asked if Sleight’s Canyon and Wallentine lane will also be graded The Mayor said that was scheduled also. Johnson asked if the dye test that had been discussed at the prior meeting was complete. The Mayor reported that is had been completed and the sewer line in question is on the new system. Adam asked if the city crew had been able to check the storm drain by the new Court house. The crew had checked and there were pieces of concrete and gravel in the line. There was also some lumber that could be seen in the manhole. The Mayor felt this was caused by the construction crew being careless when they were working on the area. It will be the responsibility of the construction company to get this matter resolved. If they don’t resolve the problem they will be billed for the cost of the clean-up. If the lines needed to be seen with a camera the Mayor reported, he felt Star Valley Plumbing or Triple T could do this if needed. T

The Mayor had been asked if the city would be plowing the courthouse area this winter. The Mayor felt that if the city did it there needed to be compensation from the county. He was willing to have the city do the plowing for some gravel and pit run from the county. The Mayor will discuss this with the commissioners at the next Commissioner meeting. There were no further comments of concerns.

The meeting was adjourned.

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