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Paris City has received a Rocky Mountain Power Foundation Beautification Grant through the League of Idaho Cities of $1,500, councilwoman Jeanna Matthews reported at the Paris City Council meeting January 4, 2022. Matthews said there is a stipulation that the grant money must be used by early May, and she asked the council to make recommendations on what type of trees and planters would be best. The beautification project will take place on main streetand in the city parks.

Mayor Brad Wilks administered the oath of office for duly elected council members Dana Jacobsen and Jeanna Matthews. Since the November election, this meeting was the first opportunity, with both council members present, to perform the official ceremony.

Gary H. Teuscher, certified public accountant, presented the annual financial report for the fiscal year which ended September 30, 2021. The report indicated that the city’s operating income remained consistent with the income received during the prior year. The city is currently paying a loan with the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for the water system upgrade. The contract agreement is to be paid at 1.25% interest in biannual installments over 30 years.

Teuscher suggested that the council look closely at the city’s budget by the first of August to see if adjustments need to be made before the end of the 2022 fiscal year.

A motion was made to accept the audit results, and Dana Jacobsen, council president, signed the document.

Mayor Wilks distributed copies of changes to the handbook. Councilwoman Jacobsen objected to the vacation and comp time policies for full-time city employees. Their responsibilities include snow removal, cemetery upkeep, mosquito abatement, and various other tasks. A decision was made to table the issue and add it to the agenda for a future council meeting.

Adam Johnson from the Paris City Planning and Zoning Commission presented a map proposing the city be divided into two separate zones. He cited City Building Ordinance #376 chapter 4-1 which states that the minimum lot requirement is one-fourth acre. Johnson proposed that the ordinance be revised to read: Building Zone 1, minimum lot area – one-fourth acre; Building Zone 2, minimum lot area – one acre excluding area within Zone 1. He said that allowing one-fourth acre lots within the city’s perimeter could result in 1,200 to 1,500 homes.

Councilwoman Jacobsen asked that discussion of sewer pumps be added to the agenda for the next council meeting.

Mayor Wilks said standards need to be put in place for utility installation associated with new construction.

Council members were informed of an online seminar focused on public records and open meetings scheduled for January 5 from 2-4 pm. Panelists will be Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, Chief Deputy Attorney General Brian Kane and Idahoans for Openness in Government (IDOG) President Betsy Russell.

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