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On Oct. 20, 2020. Paris City Council held its regular meeting. All members were present.

After completing the regular business, the Council reviewed the letter all residents will receive with their water bill. After reviewing the letter, suggested changes were made. The letter will inform residents of completed projects and changes in ordinances that have occurred this year.

The next agenda item was a decision on what to do with the burn pile in the city yard. Since residents have been unwilling to only place limbs and bushes on the pile, it was decided the yard will be locked except for a couple of weeks in the spring and fall when residents will be encouraged to participate in a city clean up.

The next item was the problem with residents parking RVs on City right of ways and hooking up to City water and sewer without approval. The Sheriff’s office will contact those in violation; citations may be served on those who don’t comply. The City attorney may also send letters of cease and desist. The RV owners who don’t have authorization for sewer and water to the RVs may be charged with theft of services.

Attorney Joe Hayes was present at the meeting and wanted to discuss the Dog ordinance with the Council. Currently, only aggressive dogs on the owner’s property fall under the ordinance. Hayes will make suggested changes to the ordinance and present it to the Council.

Building Permits for 7 S Main and 123 E Center have been submitted. Both permits were approved.

There was a discussion on a property that has had construction without a permit. The property owner will be spoken with. Residents need to know that to build without a permit may result in a $750 fine.

The Mayor and Jeanna Matthews have been looking at a possible grant for COVID-19 for which the City may qualify. Jeanna is researching what the grant could be used for.

The Council then expressed any comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews informed the council they might qualify for improvement to present damage in a disaster. Matthews will print the grant out and review it.

The only other Council member who had a comment was Dana Jacobsen. Jacobsen wanted to know if the City crew had started work on the Christmas light decorations. Several lights need to be replaced. Jacobsen will research sources for lights and let the Mayor know.

David Matthews, City Clerk, reported that Direct Communications had replaced the routers in the City Hall. They are hoping this will improve their internet.

Mayor Wilks reported that the water is turned off at the cemetery, but not at all of the parks yet. Wilks also discussed with the council the trees at the cemetery. There are some trees growing in cemetery plots. Wilks thought it would be good to transplant the trees in the spring before they become a problem. The council will let him know their opinion after looking at the trees.

The machine for cleaning up leaves is down right now. He is hoping it will be repaired soon.

The water line on 1st East has been approved if it is installed to code.

The Mayor also reported that street repair for the culvert on 2nd North should be repaired next week.

The City crew is getting equipment put away for the winter in the finished shop.

The meeting was adjourned as there were no further comments.

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