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Paris City Council held its meeting on Oct. 19. All members were present.

The Council completed the normal business of the meeting then moved to the agenda items.

The Council heard from a resident. He is planning on remodeling the building on his land. He would like to install water and sewer in his planned shop. He was seeking approval from the Council for his project.

The resident had already presented his plan to planning and zoning, and they approved it but requested he appear before the Council. The Council felt the permit was in order and approved it.

The Council discussed the short-term rental permits. Several are at the final stages of approval. If they have already been a short-term rental this year or plan to, they need to pay the one hundred dollar fee. This fee is a yearly fee and will need to be paid again in 2022. The homeowners will not need to have the dwelling reinspected if no changes are made. The Council did not approve any permits at this meeting.

The Council discussed what changes are needed to the water ordinance. Several gallons of water seem to be unaccounted for, and this is a concern to the Council. To be able to evaluate the capacity, this information is needed. Water meters may be the answer or more assertive enforcement of unauthorized water use. The situation needs to be assessed by a hydronic engineer. The Mayor and Council will find an engineer qualified to do the study.

Ordinance 376 needs to include language on the encroachment permit and what order improvements and the building may occur. Joe Hayes will complete the document for Council approval.

Joe hayes had not completed the Johnson property sewer line easement paperwork, so this item was tabled.

Dana Jacobsen has found a company in Utah to purchase the electronic speed signs from but still needs the prices.

In old business, an Idaho cities grant is coming up, but the work scope needed on City hall needs to be reviewed by an engineer. The City will contact the Keller company to provide this information.

Dana Jacobsen said that the Christmas lights are still not available.

The Mayor polled the Council for comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked if any progress has been made to accept online payments for water and sewer.

Dana Jacobsen asked if a yearly letter was to be sent out. Dave Matthews will send the Council last year’s letter for updates or changes.

The Mayor reported a significant water leak on 1st South that the City crew will address. The work on Paris Canyon Rd had begun.

Jay Slight wants to improve the water system at Slight’s park, and he will do the work.

The sewer line project on Wilks Lane will need a letter for the encroachment permit to the project owner.

Gregg Knutti will no longer be available for the Paris Police contract.

The Mayor was able to complete the contract for the street roller for the City. Deliver is still being arranged.

The Mayor and the Council had no further comments, so the meeting was adjourned.

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