Paris City council held its regular meeting on Oct 15. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, discussions turned to the agenda.

The first item on the agenda was the building permit for Kirk Topham. Adam has measured both areas that Kirk would like to divide. Adam felt like this division needs to come under the Subdivision ordinance rather than the building permit ordinance.

Kirk is not asking for a building permit at this time. There is the necessary frontage on both proposed lots. The Council unanimously approved the division of the lot.

The second item of business was to relook at Ordinance 399. Ordinance 399 deals with Historic Preservation Code. The council members brought up several concerns with the ordinance ranging from; rather, this was something the city should be involved with, to the potential cost that it could be to the city. After a lengthy discussion, the majority of the council voted to rescind the ordinance.

The next item on the agenda was to appoint members to the Commission for the Historical Preservation Committee. Because the ordinance has rescinded, this item was vacated.

The next item was the charge for sewer at 140 Main Street. This property has water connected, but there is no record of a sewer hook-up for this property. Records indicate that the new sewer was not hooked to this property. It has been observed that during the summer, the RV on this property was hooked to the sewer line. If this is the case, it is a concern that this may be to the old line. The old line drains into the Paris Creek. The council decided that there needs to be a dye test to determine where anything from this line is going. It was agreed that if this property is only hooked to the old sewer, the water needs to be disconnected to this property until the property has a new sewer hook up and all resulting hook up fees for sewer and water have been paid. The property will also be responsible for a monthly water fee. This test will occur before the next council meeting in Nov.

The next item was a building permit for Connar Lutz and one for Tyrel Hansen. Both permits were presented to the council. Connar Lutz was approved. If the shed that is too close to the property line has been moved as requested several times, then Tyrel’s permit will also be approved.

The next item was the Beer/Wine license for Paris Country Store. The permit has been in effect for several years. Nothing has changed. The license was approved.

The Council was polled for comments and concerns.

Adam Johnson asked what the status is on Lavoy Eborn’s building permit. The structure is almost completed, but no final decision has been made on the sewer connection. There is currently no sewer hook up to the property. There is a hookup mid-block. To run the line down the hookup, it will need to be engineered and approved by DEQ. The estimated cost is about $7,000. Lavoy has mentioned he would like more than one building on the property. Eborn will be asked to talk with the council on the issue.

Kelly Jensen asked about the grading that needs to be done by his house. The city has received the cutting blades for the grader, so this can be done in the near feature. There is also a ditch in the area that needs to be cleaned out. The Mayor will follow up on this.

Dana Jacobsen reminded the Mayor that there is only about a month and a half until the Christmas light needs to be up.

Brad Wilks asked where they were at on that grant for the ADA sidewalks. At this time, the city has not received any bids on the project. Several have expressed an interest but have not followed through and submitted a bid.

Wilks also remarked that he had been contacted and asked if he felt that Paris City would be willing to help fund a county-wide Parks and Recreation dept. Wilks stated he wanted to see all children that wanted to play be able to regardless of cost. The Mayor said they had upgraded the ball diamonds, so some of the tournament games could be held in Paris, but this has not happened.

Wilks reported that he had several people ask what could be done about the smell from the burning of the city trash pile.

Mayor Lewis reported that as the grader has the new blades, they will be able to get the streets that need to be graded in the next few weeks. He also reported that they are getting the trash pile cleaned up and will close the dumping area for the winter. They may have to close it entirely as people bring furniture and appliances that are not allowed at the site. These need to be dealt with and taken to the county dump or Hennings salvage. The city may also put up gates to allow access to the ball diamonds but not let motorcycles and four-wheelers have access to the dirt piles as this is a problem for the city.

There were no other comments or concerns, so the meeting was adjourned.

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