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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on June 1. All members except Jeanna Matthews were present.

The Council completed the regular business of the meeting. Jamison McPherson then addressed the Council. McPherson had presented the Council with a request at the last meeting to begin the first stages to develop a 46-lot subdivision in the Bird Road area. The Council needed to check on several issues with the engineers and McPherson was requesting a progress report. The Mayor stated he had talked with Sunrise Engineers but it will take some time to answer several of the questions. The most significant concern is to determine if the City could deliver enough water and not impact the current residents. The County Fire Chief, Mark Parker, was present and reminded the Council that the City must have 1,000 gallons per minute for two hours available over what is used by the residents in case of a fire. The concern may be that the City would not have enough storage to provide water for everything. More storage could be obtained, but the cost for that is unclear.

The Council also discussed whether septic tanks could be used by all the homes there and, if not, how the sewage would be pumped to the treatment area. The question of whether the current treatment area could handle the increase was discussed. McPherson was given a list of things to check out while the City is waiting for an answer from the engineers. McPherson will need to make a preliminary application. The City Clerk will get it to him as soon as the Attorney completes it.

After McPherson finished addressing the group, the Council, Fire Chief, and City Attorney discussed how to deal with several subdivision approvals being requested. It was suggested that there might be a need to put a moratorium on new subdivision building until all issues can be explored.

Brent Lewis, past Mayor, told the Council there is enough land to put additional storage tanks on but was unsure what else would need to be done.

The Council then heard from Brent Lewis about the grills and griddles he has allowed the City to use for several years for the Fourth of July breakfast. Lewis is willing to give the City the equipment in exchange for one new grill. Lewis will purchase the grill and the City will reimburse him.

The next item was the RV ordinance and a resident requesting to hook an RV full time and a part-time RV to the City sewer. It was determined that one hookup was allowed, but the part-time RV needs to use the RV dump for its sewage.

The next item was the Fourth of July celebration. KVSI will not be sponsoring the Fun Run this year, but a new sponsor, Good Bros. Landscape, will be sponsoring the Run. More information will be put on the poster.

Jeanna Matthews had requested what needed to be done to get some of the brick repair required on the building started. It was decided that they need to have a mason give the City a bid.

Dave Matthews addressed the Council about some Youth groups that would like to do a service project when in the area. The first group will be about 40 youth and the second group around 20. The Council will consider what projects the groups could complete.

The Mayor then polled the group for any comments or concerns. Dana Jacobsen was the only Council member with any comments. She requested to know what would need to be done to install temporary speed bumps in some problem areas. She also had concerns about several children that are very young being allowed to drive ATVs and UTVs on City streets. She was advised to call the Sheriff’s Dept. when she sees this problem and they will follow up on it.

The Council had several suggestions on the speed bump issue. It has been a long-standing problem of people going too fast on the Canyon Rd., and there has not been a satisfactory solution.

The problem with people not following the watering hours is getting worse. All residents received letters informing them of the hours. The drought could make this a serious issue this summer.

The Council then went into executive session. The Council made No decisions after that session.

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