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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on July 6. All members were present. The Council completed the regular business of the meeting.

The Council considered the public hearing for a variance for Jeremy Jensen. There was no member of the public present to testify. The adjoining property owner signed a letter stating he had no objection to Jensen building the proposed structure on his property. The Council approved the Variance.

The Council then had the names of Dillion Rich and John Jacobsen presented as Planning and Zoning commission members. Adam Johnson will be the Chairman. The Council approved these members. The Council will continue to search for two more members for the Commission.

Jim Marshall then addressed the Council with an update on his building project. He plans to do a lot split and sell the third lot to help pay for the water, sewer, and power for the lots.

Dana Jacobsen stated that Bill Pettis had requested a new fence at the Cemetery. The Council discussed possible materials for the fenced. The Council decided that the best fence would be a 5-foot chain link with a metal arch.

Dillion Rich was asked if he could design an arch. Rich felt he could do this and would report back to the Council.

Kelly Jensen had requested water meters be on the agenda. He feels that having meters put on any new building would help track water usage and help identify leaks. The Council discussed different types of meters and how to implement them. Further research will be done and then reported to the Council.

Jeanna Matthews asked the question if meters could help lower water bills. Meters would not lower the cost as the cost charged now is the minimum cost water could cost.

On old business, Dana Jacobsen reported Rocky Mountain Power had contacted her. The poles are the property of the City, and maintenance is the responsibility of the City.

Adam Johnson reported that the application for the Paris City Foundation is almost completed. After the water park is completed, the Foundation could continue to be used for other City projects or dissolved.

Jacobsen asked if sewer and water, and curb and gutter were the responsibility of the developer. It was determined according to the ordinance; this was the responsibility of the developer.

The Mayor reported that between 1700 and 1800, people were feed at breakfast. There were over 40 entries at the parade. There were about 200 people in attendance at the Concert on Friday night. Nile and Janet Nielson enjoyed their role as Grand Marshall of the parade.

The Mayor also told the Council about there being a mosquito that tested positive for West Nile. Spraying has increased because of the positive test.

The Mayor explained the streets planned for chipping this year and other work he would like to see completed. He is not sure if they will able to mag chloride on any roads this year. The Mayor hopes they can do at least a mile of streets this year. He reported there is an oil that can be sprayed on the areas where tailings have been applied that can help make them more permanent. It is a thicker oil.

Jeanna Matthews reported the City had received $50,000 ARPA money. The City can use the money for sewer and water projects and some other things.

The Mayor had the weeds by the sewer lagoons sprayed.

The Mayor was asked about the progress of the impact study. He needs to contact the engineers on this issue.

The Council paid the bills and then adjourned the meeting

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