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The Paris City Council held its meeting on July 21, 2020. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from Kyle Jones, the Engineer over the ADA ramp project that was done this summer. The City had requested a bid for an ADA ramp and new steps in front of City Hall. The City had also requested a bid for the ADA ramp in front of the LDS Tabernacle in Paris. The requested bids have not been received as of the meeting date. Jones will contact some other contractors that maybe want to bid on the job.

The next item was James Marshall. He asked the City what the possibility is of hooking sewer and water to the property he recently purchased on Bird Lane. The Council told him that it could be done, but it would need to be engineered first. Marshall asked what he needed to do and what the City would do. The City will arrange for the Engineer. The City will get back to him on the matter after the Engineer is contacted.

The next item was the concern of a citizen that may be hooked to the City services and is not paying for it. There will be more investigation on the matter, and then the Council will be updated.

The roller that was rented by the City was involved in an accident. The claim will be turned in to the City insurance. The City is hoping to be done with the roller in a week or so.

Dan Kelsey has requested a building permit at 645 N. Main for a barn. The request was approved.

The Council discussed the 2021 Budget and decided to hold a public budget hearing on August 18, 2020. The budget hearing will be published in The News-Examiner before the hearing.

Joe Hayes, City Attorney, reported he had talked to Sheriff Heslington about the possibility of a contract with the City and the Sheriff’s Department. The agreement will most likely be for 10 hours a month. The contract will allow the deputies the ability to enforce Paris City Ordinances. If it is a County ordinance, they can enforce it in the city limits anyway. Hayes will work on getting it written up and reviewed by the current prosecutor.

The Council reviewed, and the motion was made to pay the bills. Motion passed.

Kelly Jensen asked what percentage of the fine the City received when the Deputies wrote it for the City. Hayes will research this and let the Council know.

The Council was polled for comments or concerns.

Jeanne Matthews commented that the roads look really good. She asked what the setback is on the road. It is 45 feet from the center of the road.

Kelly Jensen asked how much longer the roller would be needed. Mayor Wilks said that 80 percent of the work is done, and he thinks the rest will be quick. A discussion was held on additional work to be done to the City roads this year.

Connar Lutz had no further comments or concerns.

Dana Jacobsen reported that the water bill books were ordered and should be received soon. Jacobsen also commented on how good the roads look. She asked the Mayor if the City crew could pick up the pile of debris at the edge of her neighbor’s property. The debris is often almost on the road and a problem for maintaining the property. The Mayor will have the crew pick up the debris. The Council discussed other areas in the City that may need trees trimmed. The Mayor would like to see several on Main Street trimmed this fall.

The Mayor also reported he had been contacted about a Farmer’s Market being allowed to be held in Paris. The Mayor had denied the request due to the COVID-19 virus.

The Council then voted to go into Executive Session. No decisions were made.

The meeting adjourned when Executive Session ended.

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