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Paris City Council held its regular Council meeting on Nov. 3. All members were present, with Connar Lutz appearing by phone.

After the regular business, the Council moved to the agenda items. The first item was a presentation from Jamison McPherson. He would like to develop a subdivision on Wilks lane. The lots would be an acre each. There would be 10 lots. There is city water available, but the sewer is not currently available. The Council discussed possible solutions and what would be the responsibility of the City and the developer. There is a subdivision ordinance for Paris City, and those criteria enter into the decision. The item was tabled until the project can be discussed with the city’s engineer.

The next item was a Beer/Wine license for Paris Country Store. The Council approved the license.

Joe Hayes had not arrived to review the dog ordinance, so the next item was the possible Covid grant the city may qualify for. The grant could be used to upgrade the computer system and allow the city to purchase a laptop if the City Clerk had to work from home. There is also the possibility of purchasing a drop box so residents could drop off payments and forms.

Jenna Matthews will fill out the grant paperwork and submit it for consideration.

Hayes was now available to review the dog ordinance. Hayes asked the council how strict or lenient they wanted the ordinance to be. The Mayor and Council discussed the options and provided feedback to Hayes. He will rework the ordinance. The Subdivision Ordinance was also discussed. It was written over 20 years ago but has never been used. Several things are outdated and need to be redone. Hayes will provide proposed changed to the Council.

The Mayor then heard comments or concerns from the Council.

Jenna Matthews discussed other grants that may be available to the City. She will get the Covid grant submitted before the deadline. She will let the Council know what is available. The Council discussed hiring a grant writer.

Kelly Jensen brought up the continued issue with the building that does not follow the Ordinances and what can be done. With continued growth in Paris, all the Council felt this problem may need more attention than the City Council can provide. Options will be discussed at the next Council meeting.

Dana Jacobson reported that she was very pleased with the clean-up of the gutters and drains. The job was well done.

Connar Lutz had nothing to report.

Mayor Wilks reported that there are several of the Christmas lights that will need to be replaced. Many of the decorations were not designed for outdoor use.

Valley Implement is putting in the pipe in their ditch. They are requesting access to the City property that would allow them to complete the project. The Mayor is making the necessary arraignments for them to have access.

As soon as there is adequate moisture, several roads need to be graded before winter.

All of the city equipment is now able to be parked in the city shed.

The Mayor informed the council of some issues discovered with some water lines and sewer pipes on 2nd East. The hook up for the new construction can be completed soon, but there may be a more extensive project there in the spring.

There were no further comments, and the meeting adjourned.

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