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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Nov. 17, 2020. All members were present, with Kelly Jensen appearing by phone.

The public was invited to attend by conference call due to the COVID Stage 2 rollback.

After the regular meeting business, the Council heard from Doug Taylor. Taylor was inquiring about what he needs to do to sell some property on the South edge of the City. Taylor was informed that City sewer hook-ups would be necessary if the property were going to be residential. Taylor would like the property to be annexed into the City. The hook-ups will need to be engineered to find out what challenges may be present. Taylor was informed that the engineer would be coming to Paris this week and speak with him at that time.

The Council asked how the City can recoup the engineering fees as they have had requests for several projects that will make engineering necessary. The Hook-up fees will cover part of the cost, but the developer will also pay some. Further discussion will take place on this subject at a future meeting.

Shannon Holjeson was the next on the agenda. Jenna Matthews had been in contact with her about the possibilities of Paris City applying for grants to help improve Paris City Hall and bring it up to code. Holjeson reported that she had looked at the application and that there is a lot of information to be gathered, but the grant application could be completed and submitted. There was some discussion on the Covid grant that Jenna Matthews has been working on. The Council motioned and approved to have Holjeson proceed.

Cody Jarret addressed the Council next. Jarret’s wife owns property in Paris. Jarret is a banker and a landlord. He would like to volunteer to help the City with some Economic Development. He felt that a USDA feasibility grant could help business and the City. The Council was not aware of the benefits of this program. Jarrett will provide the Council with more information and would like to come and speak with them at a future meeting. The Council was in favor of doing this.

Joe Hayes could not attend, so the Dog Ordinance and raising building permit fees were tabled until the next meeting.

Contracting with the county building inspector was the next subject. The county had been approached if this would be possible, and they were in favor of contracting. The fees would cover the cost of the building inspector.

There was discussion that the City had contracted with the Sheriff’s office to enforce city ordinances, and so far, this has not been done.

The Mayor stated he is still waiting on a signed contract. Joe Hayes is to provide the signed contract to the City.

There Council identified issues they would like to see the Sheriff’s Office deal with. There are some animal issues and violations of the building code.

The Council will have Wayne Davidson from the county meet with them and outline what he will do for the City if they have a contract. It was felt that the Idaho Building code would need to be adopted and not just the International code that is in place now.

To enforce any building code, a certified building inspector will be necessary. That is not something the Sheriff’s Office could do.

Jenna asked if she should purchase the items that have been approved for the COVID-19 grant. She was told to figure out how much the things would cost and be ready to buy them by the deadline.

The Mayor then heard the Council reports. Jensen had nothing further and left the meeting.

Jenna Matthews said they had already discussed what she had to bring up.

Connor Lutz complimented the city crew on a good job with snow removal after the first storm. The Mayor felt a good job had also been done. The Mayor had told the crew to start earlier in the future. The timing on plowing the school had been a little late. The crew will be asked to do the school before any children are present.

Dana Jacobsen asked if the letter and water bill books are out yet. She offered to help David Matthews complete the project if needed. The Council discussed the turkeys or hams for the employees. The Mayor had ordered them. Jacobsen reported that the Christmas lights had been received. Fifteen hundred were purchased, and the same amount will be purchased next year, so all the lights can be replaced with led lights. Jacobsen was surprised by how much work the lights require each year. She felt the crew did a great job considering how much time it takes. Some of the lights have already been put up, and the rest will be done this week.

Mayor Wilks said he had also been able to find several sets of lights on a clearance sale and bought several of them. Wilks reported that he had seen five streetlights to be out on Main street. Some go off and then come back on when they cool off; some are out. He will mark them with survey tape and notify the power company so they can be replaced. He said the curb inspection report was available to anyone wanting to read it. He reported the progress on the new water and sewer lines that have been done recently. The water system at the park has been drained. Some other waterline issues were discussed. Much of the necessary road grading is completed. The equipment is ready for winter.

The meeting adjourned at 8:57 p.m.

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