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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on March 2. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council's first agenda item was to discuss the Fourth of July celebration. The Council decided that they want to hold the traditional celebration if at all possible. The Council discussed who they would like to see in charge of the different events. The Council will finalize plans as the event draws closer.

Wayne Davidson was planning on attending the meeting but was later than planned. The Council moved to the next item, the Todd Garbett, Rick Thomas property. The Council tabled this item until the parties contact them and are ready to appear.

Dave Matthews presented the next item. The company, DOXO, contacted the City and would like to create a Webpage for the City to accept credit card payments. The Council has several questions on this proposal and will discuss this after further details are explained. Matthews will have the information for the meeting on March 16.

Wayne Davidson presented his form with the questions for a new building permit. The definitions in the ordinance have been clarified. The fees will be outlined by Davidson when someone applies for a permit. There was a change to the City's ordinance that is necessary as it has been decided that even in the event of a rebuild on the old footprint, all setbacks must meet current standards.

No single-wide trailers can be placed anywhere except in an existing trailer court. All mobile homes must have been manufactured after 1979. Double-wide manufactured homes can be built in the city limits but must be 1,000 square feet or more and on one level. No new construction may be less than 1,000 square feet and on one level.

All cargo storage trailers will need a permit; they must meet the setbacks and be painted in neutral colors.

If someone wants to live in a storage container, they cannot unless it meets code and any changes are engineered and approved by the City before being occupied.

It as decided the Council must approve any agricultural building.

No tiny houses may be placed within the city limits. All new homes built must be at least 1,000 square feet and be on one level. Greenhouses must meet all setbacks.

These changes will be made to the ordinance and signed by the Council.

The checklist for short-term rentals was discussed, and it was decided there must be an exterior door of at least 36" and 6'8" tall.

Handrails and guard rails are needed for any deck, patio, or platform inside or out over 30" tall and be at least 36" tall. All gaps in the railing must be less than 4". Handrails must have the ends return to the wall and run the full length of the stairway. They must be between 34" to 38 " above the steps.

There must be window fall prevention that meets the current building code.

There must be egress windows on all bedrooms that are at least 24" tall and 20" wide.

All sleeping rooms and hallways must have a smoke detector. Each floor must have a general area. There must be a carbon monoxide detector on each level, which can be in conjunction with the smoke detectors. All detectors must be connected to communicate with each other.

There must be proof of electrical and plumbing inspections being completed.

If there is a garage attached, it must meet the code. (All requirements can be seen at City Hall).

The final requirements will be approved at the next meeting.

The Dog Ordinance has not been finalized, and Joe Hayes was not present.

Jeanna Matthews has contacted Rocky Mountain Power about the Watts Smart Program for the City street lights. The City will get bids on the costs of repairs and how much can be expected in rebates.

There was no old business.

The Mayor polled the Council for comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews reported that a new router has been purchased and is working well. The City Hall now has wi-fi. Jeanna asked about some dogs that have been problems. She was told that the dogs are on their last chance and will need to comply with the new Dog Ordinance.

Kelly Jensen reported that he was pleased with the job done on the tree trimming and suggested the trees not be allowed to get taller than the power lines.

Connar had nothing further to report.

Dana Jacobsen asked what information had been received about the ITAC money for street repair. The Mayor will check on this money. 

The Mayor reported that the power bill for the shop is still high. The problem with the sewer line freezing at the shop will need to be addressed.

Scrap iron is up, and he is hoping to get rid of most of it.

Someone has driven through the cemetery and gotten stuck. It is uncertain if there is any damage to graves. The damage will be further assessed when the snow melts.

The Council then moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:29 p.m.

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