Paris City Hall

Paris City Hall

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Paris City Council held Aug. 17. All members were present. The Council completed the regular business of the meeting.

The Council reviewed the proposed budget for 2021-2022 with an expected $563,500 in expenditures and n$563,500 in revenue. The Council approved the tentative budget and will hold a public budget hearing on Sept. 7, 2021. Copies of the budget will be available at Paris City Hall and will be published in The News-Examiner.

City Attorney Joe Hayes was not present, so several agenda items were tabled.

The Council reviewed City Impact fees whenever a resident is doing any building or repairs that will disturb city road, an impact fee application must be obtained. A payment of $2,500 must be submitted. If the road is fixed after the project is as good or better than before, the fee will be returned minus $10.00 for processing.

The Mayor told the Council he had several residents asked about signs on the City Right of Way to advertise an event. These residents felt this should not be allowed on the City Right of way, and if they are on private property, they must be removed after the event is over.

The Council took no action but did feel the signs should be removed when the event is over.

The Council heard from the Mayor that there are some breaks in the water lines at the City Park. There is one area that this has occurred several times. The Council and Mayor talked about replacing the line next spring if the splash pad project happens.

Until then, it was decided to install a rush block and fix the leaks they can at the current time.

The information to be presented on a new cemetery fence has not all been obtained. The Council stated they felt chain link is the best option for the long term.

Dana Jacobsen presented the Council with the prices on lighted speed signs. She had found signs that meet their needs were $2500 to $3,000, depending on what features the Council wanted. The Council asked Jacobsen to price signs that flash the oncoming vehicle’s speed, and some that have the speed and the small message. The Council felt that those with a solar charge system would be the best. Jacobsen will get specific prices and report back.

The Council was given an accounting of the Fourth of July breakfast, but the figures were not shared with the public. The Council did decide to reimburse Calleen Humphreys for some of her time and expense in organizing the breakfast.

The Mayor gave the Council an update on the road project costs for this year, including the rental of the roller. They are going to look for a suitably used roller they could purchase.

On old business, Connar Lutz stated that Sarah Wallentine had contacted him and asked if her porch projected could be started. The Mayor said it could not begin until after the public hearing on Sept. 7.

The Mayor polled the Council for comments or concerns.

Connar Lutz asked what could be done about the split in the pavement on 2nd N. Lutz expressed that moisture would destroy the road in that area if the road were not sealed. Mayor Wilks felt tar could be applied to seal the road.

Mayor Wilks gave the Council an update on the sewer on Wilks lane. The engineers have identified a tree that needs removal. The different ways to remove the tree were discussed. The Council wants to work with McPherson on the tree removal.

Mayor Wilks reported on the repairs made to the snowplow. He also asked the Council about building a lean-to roof on the City shop to protect the City’s portable stage. The Council felt that would be a good project.

The Council moved to pay the bills and adjourn the meeting.

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