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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Dec. 15. All members of the council were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from a resident about a prebuilt shed he placed on his property. He was not aware he needed a building permit. He was told he would not need a permit as it was not a permanent structure. The shed is close to the property line, but there are no fences or other structures that would be damaged by snow. The Council told him to talk to the neighbor and see if there is any objection to the shed being left where it is. After speaking with the neighbor, he will return and report to the Council. If needed, a variance will be requested.

Two other permits were on the agenda but had already been approved. The issue was tabled until the Council determines if building ordinance requirements were met.

The Council then discussed the possibility of making a contract with the County to have Wayne Davidson be the City’s building inspector. Pros and cons were discussed with the Council deciding to table the issue for the next meeting. If they decide to go with the contract, the Council will have to adopt the Idaho building code which most contractors follow anyway.

A beer and wine license was approved for Cody’s Gastro Garage. They may have been serving wine and beer before now, but the license was approved.

The Council was updated on the necessary repairs for the sewer lift station which needs the pumps rebuilt. It will cost about $5,000 for each of the two motors. The repairs are something that needs to be done before there is a problem for residents. If the motors are repaired during the winter, one motor could handle the load while the other motor is rebuilt. The possibility of getting a new generator for emergency use was discussed, but the Mayor felt a generator the City currently has will work for this purpose. The generator and connections will be checked when the motor repair is done. There will also be an alarm installed.

Several citizens have requested a short-term rental application. The new ordinance requires the application to be completed each year. Dave Matthews, City Clerk, asked the Council to look at the application and ensure everything is needed. The application needs to be in line with the ordinance. The Council also felt that occupancy includes those sleeping outdoors.

The next item was Jamison McPherson--land on Wilks Lane. The Council decided he does not need a subdivision. The sewer will cost $90,000 to $100,000. If he does the sewer line and someone else has land in the area and wants to hook to that line, they will have to pay Jamison. No action was taken regarding this, and the Council will wait until Jamison is ready to start on the project.

The next item was an update on applying for a FEMA Grant. Shannon reported to the Council that for this year, the deadline has been missed but the grant can be applied for next year. However, the person over this grant thinks the City has a good chance if they apply. Shannon explained the Community Block Grant to the Council saying this grant would have to have a certified grant writer to write it and then administer the grant if it is approved. The Idaho Community Foundation would be an excellent place to apply. Shannon felt the Block Grant for accessibility would help for repairs to City Hall. Other possible grants were also discussed.

The Council’s primary goal is to get an ADA ramp and stabilized foundation for the City Hall. She was also asked about a possible grant for a fence around the cemetery or an entrance arch. Shannon felt a beautification grant might be a good idea, and she will draft a list. The Council expressed appreciation for work done so far.

The Mayor then asked the Council for any comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews reported that on the COVID money nothing has been approved or denied. The City has purchased a laptop, monitor, and phone. Direct Communications will be doing an update to the system. The City will not go to fiber optics at this time. Doing just an upgrade will only cost $100. If fiber could be approved, the City could go after it, but currently all improvements must be in by Dec. 30.

Connar Lutz had nothing to report.

Kelly Jensen commented that he drove around town and the snow removal has all been done and looks good.

Dana did not have anything to report.

Brad reported on a sewer line that has had problems. Derek Green cameraed the line. It broke in an area that should be paid for by the landowner. Brad said the if the landowner will pay for the camera and materials, the City will dig up the line. On another sewer, the current contractor can’t go deeper, so they have to bring in a new contractor that can go deeper. Brad thanked the Council for all that has been accomplished this year.

The electrical will be put into City Hall on Dec. 16. Three LED lights will be installed as well as plugs.

Bills were paid.

The employees’ Christmas gifts were discussed. The Mayor felt they need to give close to what they gave last year. The Council approved this.

The meeting was adjourned.

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