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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Sept. 15, 2020. All members except Kelly Jensen were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, a public hearing was held regarding the property at 13 N Main. The property is too small to meet the current setbacks. Because of the size of the lot, a variance has been requested. This property had a building on it for many years. The city ordinance allows a building to replace the previous building. The property owners adjacent to the property in question have been contacted, and there was only one comment. One property owner had concerns if the replacement building was to close to allow maintenance on his property. There was a question about a variance being allowed on dwellings, and the Council said this was being allowed as it was a business and because it would have no water or sewer hookup. There has been a variance approved for the side variance before, but that is all. The Council then went into the regular meeting. The motion was made and approved by the Council.

The Council had received a building permit for 150 W 2nd S. All conditions were met. The Council approved the permit.

The Council was then polled for comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked about the grading to the road at the cemetery. The road will be graded when the crew has finished with the current project. The Mayor did state that even though this is on an unmaintained road, it still can’t be used as a parking lot.

Connar Lutz asked for a progress report on the short-term rental agreement. The agreement should be published in the paper the week of Sept. 23, and then it will be in effect.

Dana asked about the area that is being developed as a trailer park. Her question was if there is power there and if each individual water hookup is being paid on a separate fee. The Council agreed this should be like an apartment building. If there are four apartments, there should be four fees paid. The other question asked was if someone has their water shut off for the winter, is there a fee? The answer was there is no fee for turn off or turn on if the water bill is current.

The Mayor then reported on the progress on current projects. A mew weed eater has been purchased, and they will obtain a second one next spring. Wilks also said the mice have become unmanageable at the cemetery. It will cost about $650 per application. The application will need to be done four times but should bring the problem under control within a year.

The headstones that were tipped have been leveled and repaired with gravel.

The city has installed the pipe on 2nd East. The pipe and extra fittings in case of a necessary repair will be about $8,000. This purchase will give them two additional fittings of each kind. The acquisition will be coming from the water fee, and there is plenty to cover this.

The ADA ramps should be completed soon. The city did not accept how some had been done and spoke with the engineer over the project. The Mayor asked that this be achieved as quickly as possible.

The copy of the contract between the city and the sheriff’s department has been emailed to the city. As soon as it is signed, Joe Hayes, City Prosecutor, will forward this to the Sheriff and Prosecutor for their final signatures, and it will then be in effect.

Instead of a specific number of hours in the contract, there is a cost per hour, but the number of hours spent will be looked at in a year.

There were no further comments or concerns. Dana Jacobsen made the motion to adjourn.

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