The regular city council meeting for Paris City Council was held on June 4, 2019. All members were present.

The council completed the regular business on the meeting and then moved to the agenda.

The first item was the road repairs-cold mix. The Mayor handed the council the costs on purchasing cold mix to repair the roads. The city has the option of cold mix or hot mix. Hot mix is cheaper but must be used before it gets cold or it sets up in the truck. The cold mix can be used as needed. The city will also be renting a roller for the two weeks of this project. The cost for the mix and where to rent the roller was decided at the same time.

After some discussion, the council decided to go with the most inexpensive item and equipment if that is available. The council also agreed on a second and third choice. The city is hoping to start this the week on the 12th.

The next item was a review of ordinances 251, which defines a public nuisance and ordinance 376, which is the building ordinance. After reviewing these ordinances, the council decided they are going to make some amendments that will help to clarify and improve these ordinances. The main issue they are concerned with is putting more than one building that requires sewer and water on a lot. It is felt that if there is more than one dwelling they need separate water and sewer connections. The lot may also needs to be a subdivision. The council will continue to clarify and work on these ordinances.

The next item was to discuss what can be done to get the discount at Gundersen’s with their new Ace Card program. The city makes many purchases there. There will be an Ace card obtained for the city.

The council had no further comments or concerns, so the meeting was adjourned.