The Paris City Council held it’s regular meeting on August 20, 2019. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, Laurie Rich was the first agenda item. Rich addressed the council and once again encouraged them to become a Certified Local Government. This would allow the city to participate in some of the grants that are available to restore and preserve some of the historical sites in the city. Adam Johnson asked why the Historical Society is not doing this instead of asking the city to become Certified. It was explained that they don’t participate in the physical buildings but more in the preservation of written histories.

Rich explained she was coming to the city as the improvements they want to do are on a building that is on city property. The Mayor had the draft of the grant that Rich’s group is wanting to apply for. The mayor said the way the current grant is drafted he did not feel he could sign it as it is putting responsibilities on the city that have not been approved or requested. He felt the grant was putting the city in a negative light. Rich said she would take this information back to the group and correct the items the Mayor was talking about.

Rich gave the city a copy of the application for USU students to come and help with projects. The question of liability insurance was discussed.

Rich also requested permission to have hay rides to the Cemetery Walk on September 28th.

The next item was the building permits for Kristen Davis and Daren Bunn.

On the Davis permit the council felt the building needs to be moved to meet the ten foot set back limit. They felt that because the building was not in the same footprint as the old building it does not meet the criteria for a new build. Members of the council felt that it would only require about a half a yard of concrete to make the move possible. The permit is denied for the current location. Johnson abstained from the vote. The council approved to deny the permit as it is.

In regard to the Bunn permit, the council felt it could be approved if the value of the improvements were recalculated to meet actual value. The current value is to low. If this is done the permit will be approved. The council was also concerned that Bunn started the project before acquiring the permit. This could result in a fine in the future.

The next item was the sewer connection for LaVoy Eborn. The council still has some questions to ask of Eborn and would like him to attend the next council meeting. The Mayor is looking at what the cost would be and what the new manhole will require.

The Council then reviewed again the changes that need to be made to Ordinance 376. This pertains to building permits and building requirements in the city.

The Council was polled for comments or concerns.

Kelly Jensen commented on how nice the corner in front of Subway looks with the repairs that were done.

Brad Wilks stated water pressure is real low and requested that this be looked into further. Jacobsen also stated she had lower pressure lately. The Mayor will have it checked out.

The Mayor had been aware there is a possibility that a RV rental company in the city is draining RV’S into the Sewer clean out on their property instead of going to the RV dump. It is not allowed in the city to hook RV’s up to any clean out. This will be investigated further.

Lewis also reported the new building the city is constructing it coming along. The Metal for the roof will be picked up soon. The lumber from the trees on the Courthouse property will help in the construction.

There were not further comments, the meeting was adjourned.