Paris City Recevies donation

Laurie Rich from Friends of Bear Lake presents Mayor Lewis with a check to help preserve the Slight Cabin.

Paris City Council held their regular meeting on Oct. 1, 2019. All members were present. After the regular business of the meeting, the council moved to the agenda items.

The first item was Kirk Topham wanting to split is lot. The council asked some questions, but the biggest concern is if each lot will have the necessary 90 feet frontage that is required by ordinance.

Kirk had not measured, but he wasn’t sure if he had the full 90 feet. He asked what could be done if he did not have the necessary frontage, The variance process was explained to him. Adam Johnson said he would come measure the property and let him know if he would need to apply for the variance.

The next item was to pass the ordinance necessary for Paris City Council to become a Certified Local Government. This is a preservation ordinance. The Mayor had read the ordinance in its entirety at the council meeting in Sept. The council had a roll call vote and all members except Kelly Jensen were in favor of the ordinance. The ordinance will become in effect after a summary is published in The News-Examiner.

The next item was to choose commissioners for the Preservation Committee. There are certain skills that are required by some of the Commissioners. The following people were suggested for the commission: Weldon Sleight, Reid Sleight, Janet and Jerry Erklands, Brad Myers, Laurie and Spencer Rich, Dana Jacobsen, Doug Carlsen, Kasey Jones, Richard Smart, and Brian Rowland. Not all of these people have been approached about participation on the commission. Laurie Rich and Mayor Lewis will follow up on this before the next meeting.

Laurie Rich presented the Mayor with a check that is to go towards preservation of the Sleight Cabin for the amount of $$1,010.00, These funds were from donations to Friends of Bear Lake.

The next agenda item was a playground update. There is room by the kiddie swings for a climbing wall of slides. The council discussed the different types of slides that may be appropriate for the park. The Mayor will obtain pictures and prices of each kind. The question arose if the current large slide should be replaced as there may be some hazard because it is a tall metal slide.

The last agenda item was a building permit for Marsha Hansen. Everything seems to be in order, and the permit was approved.

The bills were paid and then the Mayor polled the council for any concerns or comments.

Adam Johnson had nothing further to add.

Kelly Jensen asked about the progress on grading the street where he lives. The mayor said is would be done as soon as the new blades are installed on the grader.

Dana reported on the work Corey Dimick had completed on the cemetery and how good it looked. She also received a phone call from a person who was asking where the Hess family had lived in the past. The other council members were able to give her information on this.

Brad Wilks asked if the motor home that was hooked to the city sewer was still connected. Motor homes cannot hook directly to the sewer. The Mayor will check on this. It is also a possibility that this motor home was hooked to an old pipe that now drains into the creek. It will be further looked at and a dye test will possibly be done.

Wilks also asked about putting some sand in the rodeo arena as the dirt there really packs hard. The Mayor thought this would be a possibility. Wilks suggest silt from a wash plant would be a good choice.

There was no other business, the meeting adjourned.