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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Oct. 6. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the council received an update on the ADA ramps. The construction company returned and fixed the ramps that did not pass the inspection. The finish work on the areas left open was also completed. No action was required.

The next item on the agenda was to repair sidewalk areas on Main and Center street that are damaged. The Council approved the repair of these areas.

The next agenda item was RV being parked on the property and hooked to the home sewer and water. This is not allowed in the City of Paris. Those in violation will be contacted. Refusal to comply with the existing ordinance may result in water to the property being shut off or fines. There may also be a citation issued.

The next item was the issue of RVs being parked on the City Right of Way. This is a violation of the recently passed ordinance. A letter will be sent to those out of compliance, and if the situation is not resolved, the Sheriff’s office will address the situation as the contract between Paris City and the Sheriff’s Department has been signed. This will allow County Deputies to enforce Paris City Ordinances and write tickets as needed for violations. This situation needs to be resolved before winter.

The Council reviewed a building permit for 7 S Main. They are requesting to put a shed on the property. There was no drawing showing where the shed is going to be placed. The council is requesting the drawing be submitted before the permit will be approved. All setbacks must be observed.

The Council was then polled for any comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked what the next step is for buildings or sheds that have not been approved. In the ordinance, there can be up to a $750 fine. This includes prebuilt move-on sheds. There will be a letter sent to those in violation.

Kelly Jensen felt the roads need to be reviewed and decide which roads should be graded when conditions allow. The Mayor agreed.

Connar Lutz is concerned about a culvert near his home that the property owner has pushed dirt into, and it has blocked the culvert. This will cause flooding in the spring. He also had some concerns about a property near the City Park where the snow builds up and then melts and collects on the road. The water damages the road.

One Stop sign on 3rd East was stolen. The sign will be replaced.

Dana Jacobsen is working on the letter to be enclosed to citizens with the water payment booklets. The letter will include winter parking hours, summer watering hours, Bed and Breakfast requirements, as well as a reminder that violations of City Ordinances could result in the Sheriff’s office issuing tickets.

The Mayor's report included the water line that is being replaced on 2nd East. There was more pipe that needed to be replaced than originally thought.

As soon as the job on 2nd E is completed, the pipe on 1E will be installed.

The Mayor asked the council's opinion on the garbage pile. It was decided the metal pile will be moved. Only limbs may be dumped there as they can be burned. The City is considering a City clean up in the spring.

Someone has been stealing from the garbage pile. They received two citations. The dump is becoming a problem overall.

Several gates need to be installed at the park. The Mayor is looking into this and will report at a later meeting.

The meeting was adjourned.

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