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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Nov. 16. All members were present. The Council completed the customary business of the meeting.

The Council was addressed by two citizens that would like to request sewer hook-ups be extended up 2nd North. The Council said that the property owners would be responsible for installing pipes to the existing line. There is still no clear decision on payback to the property owners if anyone else were to hook to the new line. There are still details the City is working out.

The citizens also thanked the City for the work the city workers have done on the roads.

The Council tabled the discussion on water meters. The Council is hoping citizens will stop the excess use without resorting to water installation. All residents need to help by following existing policies.

The Council has decided not to approve any further applications for short-term rental for the rest of the year. Anyone planning on renting their property after Dec. 31 must apply to renew their license before that date. Only the license fee needs to be paid on the existing permit. No inspection is required if no changes have been made. This is for existing approved permits.

No further information was available on sprinklers for Memory Park. The person who offered to help has not been in the area.

The Council tabled several items as nothing had been received from the attorney and no attorney was present.

The Council made several suggestions on what projects to apply for on the Rocky Mountain Power Grant. Jenna will follow up on the grant.

Dana Jacobsen reported the cost of the solar speed signs would be around $3200, with the ones with a flashing outline are about $900.

The Council agreed to two signs being purchased for now.

The yearly Citizen letter changes were approved and will now be mailed to all Paris residents.

A further discussion was held on anyone installing a utility line that someone else hooks up to for the next five years was discussed. Some or all of the hook-up fees would go back to the original installing person to help recoup costs. An ordinance or resolution will need to be prepared.

The Council received a copy of the ballpark figures the City received from Keller Engineering on the needed repairs to City Hall. The Council approved moving forward on the project.

The Council approved the beer and wine license for Paris Country Store, with Jenna Matthews voting against the permit.

The Mayor then polled all of the Council members for any comments or concerns. No members of the Council had any further comments or concerns.

The Council then moved to go into Executive suggestion with no decision planned.

Council adjourned meeting when returning from executive session.

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