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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Oct. 5. All members were present. The Council made no changes to the agenda. The Council completed the normal business of the meeting.

The Council tabled the short-term rental application approval as they are requesting more information.

The Council discussed what would be the best way and provide the most data for water meters. The Council tabled the issue for now.

The Council amended Ordinance 376 to run water, sewer, and utilities to the property before the building begins. The permit may be conditional until all of the former is completed. The change is, so driveways and such are not installed and then dug up to put in the services.

The Council discussed the request for the deeded right of way on Cemetery Rd. The requesting landowner needs to have the right of way surveyed and property description provided before more is done on the request.

The agreement for the Johnson subdivision will be tabled until Joe Hayes can be present at the meeting. He was absent because of illness.

The Mayor is still seeking info on the Cemetery fence, but this will be tabled until the spring.

Dana Jacobsen has tried to contact Mayor Leonhart to see where Garden City gets its electronic speed signs. It was suggested she contact Georgetown as they have some also.

On old business, Dana Jacobsen complemented the City crew for how nice the crosswalk by the Paris Elementary school looks. It was well done.

The Council was polled by the Mayor for any comments or concerns.

Connar Lutz stated he had concerns about the culvert on Canyon Rd. He and the Mayor will see what is the best action to correct any issues. He also asked to have Rds graded if it rains as forecasted.

Dana Jacobsen is going to make a report again about the street lights which are not working. Lutz suggested she use the Rocky Mountain Power website. She also commented that Christmas lights are not available so far this year.

The Mayor asked the Council what they would like to do about selling the old gravel pit to Mattson’s. The property surrounding the pit is owned by the Mattson’s, and they are the only ones that would have a use for the land. The Council decided they needed to have an appraisal to find out the fair price. The Mayor will consult with the attorney to see how to proceed.

The Mayor up0dated the Council on the work done by the City crew since the law meeting and what he has asked them to do in the coming weeks.

Dave Matthews is planning on retiring in April. His replacement needs to be found so he can train them.

The Council adjourned the meeting,

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