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The Paris City Council held its regular meeting on April 20, 2021. All members of the board were present.

The Council completed the regular business of the meeting.

The Council then heard from Chad Kulow who asked the Council about the ability to purchase some land in the City. He asked how many homes he could put on the property and if he would need to do a subdivision. He was also enquiring about sewer and water to the property. The Council informed Kulow which part of the property he could build on as long as he obtained the building permits and what part needed to be subdivided. No action was required at this time.

The Council then heard from representatives of Ireland Bank. The bank has a new program for government entities to be able to accept credit cards. If the City gets a web page, they can also accept payments there. The program will also allow them to take payments at the Fourth of July celebration. The Council approved the program for the City.

The next agenda item was tabled as the person who had requested a kennel permit was not in attendance.

The Council reviewed the Employee Manual for any necessary changes. The Council made no changes at this time.

The Council moved to raise the sewer fees by 50 cents beginning June 1, 2021. The City will send letters out to the citizens.

Jeanna Matthews gave the Council bids received on updating the street lights on Main street. There is a rebate available from the Watts Smart Program. The Mayor said he is also working on some other possible programs that may benefit the City at a greater rate.

The Council reviewed the bids for a new lawn bagger for the mower. The Council approved the more durable bag.

The Council never received the expected short-term rental application, so they tabled this agenda item. The Council will have Wayne Davidson red tag any people renting short-term properties without the necessary license.

The last item was the Fourth of July. Michelle Humphreys will not be the listed contact for the parade as she will be unavailable the week before the parade. The breakfast will be held from 6 to 9 the morning of the 3rd.

The Mayor then heard from the Council regarding any comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked if the Council would like to place the items necessary to offer public wi-fi at the City building. The Council decided they would not do this at this time due to few requests and security issues.

Kelly Jensen had no comments.

Connar Lutz asked about the open hole on 2nd East. The Mayor reported that he thinks the City crew would fill it early that day.

Dana Jacobsen asked about a progress report on a request for a septic tank on a piece of City property that does not have access to the sewer system. The Mayor instructed Jacobsen to tell the landowner to contact Mike Derricott to help them start the process.

Jacobsen reported she had ordered seven trees to be planted in the City and identified where she would like them placed.

The Mayor then reported the Council needed to decide which roads they would like chipped this fall. The cemetery needs some gravel to help improve some of the roadways.

The City has hired a part-time employee for the City crew.

The benches at the rodeo grounds are being redone, and the damaged ones will be replaced, then all of them will be replaced.

The Council finished up the paying of bills and then adjourned the meeting.

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