Paris City council held it's a regular meeting on Sept. 3, 2019. All members were present. After the regular business of the meeting, a public hearing was held.

There were no community members present to speak at the public hearing. The public hearing was closed, and the budget was accepted as posted. The council then adopted Ordinance 399. The budget was approved for $455,000.

The next item was the Grant application for the Sleight's Cabin. The grant is being applied for by the city, and the Friends of Bear Lake have assisted in this matter. If the grants that have been applied for or approved, there will be about $20,000 to help restore the cabin. The question arose as to who owns the cabin. It was discussed and decided that the cabin was deeded to the city several years ago. The building sits on City property. The paperwork that shows this will be located. An Architect looked at the cabin, and Luke Waldron, from Malad, submitted a report to the council on what will be required to restore the cabin. The types of materials to use on the cabin was also recommended.

Paris City is also applying to become a local Certified Government. The status as a Certified Government will help them with other historic preservation grants. More discussion on this will occur at the meeting on the 18th.

The next item was to discuss Special Use Permits for any construction on sidewalks on Main street. Several years ago the council had decided that anyone who desired to have anything on the sidewalk on Main street need to apply for and be approved for a Special Use Permit to place or build anything on Main street. It there are structures build on the sidewalk it can impede snow removal in the winter. The permits must be applied for every year. Anyone who does not comply with obtaining the permit could be in violation and receive a fine. There is a concern that recently a permeant structure was built on Main street; this could present a problem this winter. An application for this permit will be drafted.

The council reviewed Ordinance 376 and is planning on this being read and them a summary posted in The News-Examiner after the meeting on the 18th of Sept. All council members have a copy to give the Ordinance a final review.

The Mayor reported on the progress of the new Equipment building. He is trying to get this build with it being paid for as they go. Scrap material is being sold to help pay for this.

The Catering trailer that is owned by the city will possibly be able to be upgraded with new tires.

The city has been able to acquire seven porta-potties. The porta-potties will be useful for some of the city events.

The mayor is trying to complete the projects he has in the works before the end of his term in January as he is not planning on running for Mayor again.

The Council was polled for comments or concerns.

Brad Wilks reported on the cost to repair the mosquito spring truck. It may cost as much as $1000.

Wilks has concerns about the items being dumped on the city burn pile. It is things the city can't deal with there. It was suggested that DEQ be checked with before anything is burned. There also seems to be many nonresidents dumping items there. The pile is only for city residents.

Dana Jacobsen commented that she would like to see a cleanup day.

She had some concerns as to very young children driving them, and this is a violation.

Jacobsen asked if the city has received the money that was supposed to be donated by the museum. It has not been received as of this time.

Jacobsen also requested the city crew help with removing the weeds in around the flag pole at the cemetery. It is full of weeds.

Kelly Jensen and Adam Johnson had nothing further to report.

The Mayor reported that there have been disconnect notices sent out for overdue water bills and that some water hookups were shut off. There is a $200 reconnect fee, so it is in the best interest of citizens to pay the bill before it is disconnected. It was asked if the city could arrange to take credit cards. There would be a 3% additional charge for doing so, but this could be arranged.

There has been a request by a property owner North of town to be annexed into the city. He would like city water. There was some further discussion on the Eborn sewer hook up. Final costs will be further investigated.

The meeting was adjourned.