Paris City Council held its regular meeting on Nov. 5, 2019. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting was completed and with the addition of Devin Wards building permit was added to the agenda, the meeting moved to the agenda.

While paying the bills, it was pointed out that the water testing cost had been higher as this was the time of year that the three-year testing needed to be completed. There was also a bill for Chlorine, but the amount purchased will last for a year.

The first item of the agenda was Laurie Rich. A lady, from out of the area had contacted her, and would like to help Paris with some type of Christmas lighting ceremony. The council felt that this would be something they would like to explore further but didn’t feel there was enough time to do anything this year. The council felt that doing a memorial for lost family members would be a good idea.

Laurie Rich also presented the council with the information she had received when she contacted several of the communities that are currently Certified Governments. Laurie had previously asked the council to become a Certified area Government as it would help to obtain funds to preserve the history of the city and the buildings that are here. The council had approved this previously and then rescinded it. After some discussion, the council decided to not act on this issue at this time. Kelly Jensen was not in favor of the city, becoming a Certified area government. Dana Jacobsen would like to talk to the cities herself. Adam Johnson felt there were benefits to becoming certified. No action was taken on the matter.

The Mayor had received complaints about air brakes being used in the city. Brad Wilks felt that it was a Jake Brake that was being referred to. There will continue to be noise during the construction of the new Court House, and no action was felt necessary by the council.

Building permits were presented to the council for Jason Lutz, Km Ranch, and Devin Ward. Jason Lutz’s shed application was approved as well as Km Ranch’s garage. It was felt that the price estimate on Devin Ward’s permit was to low. If the amount was more in line, it would then be approved.

The final item on the agenda was a clogged storm drain line on Center Street. This line had worked fine at the time that the water main by the new courthouse was broken, but there is a concern that construction debris has now washed into the line. There will need to be a camera put down the line to see what is blocking the line. The cost of this is usually relatively high. If it is debris, the price will need to covered by the county. The city will check with Roto Rooter to see if they have this service available. Dana Jacobsen is going to check with the school district, as they had to do this not too long ago. She will find out who the district hired.

The council was then allowed to make comments or concerns known.

Adam Johnson asked what items the council would like included on the Special Use permit he is drafting. The ideas that were discussed was the amount of sidewalk a business could use, and also the amount of liability they would need to cover to be allowed to use the sidewalk for business.

Johnson also asked if the dye test had been completed. He was informed by the Mayor it had not yet been done. Johnson asked that this be a high priority matter and be done as soon as possible. He also wondered if Lavoy Eborn had paid for his building permit and what had been decided on the water and sewer hookups for his property. The Mayor said that matter remains unresolved.

The Mayor was asked if he had received any bids for handicapped accessible ramps for Main street. The Mayor reported that two contractor packets had gone out, but nothing received yet.

Kelly Jensen asked about the grading by his property. It should be done soon. The Mayor asked the council about obtaining cinders. They can currently obtain them for 150 dollars a load. The council felt they should purchase $1500 worth at that price. The city crew will haul them.

Dana asked about progress on Christmas lights. They will be hung soon.

Brad Wilks asked what needed to be done to obtain some laminated copies of the water and sewer blueprints, so they were available for the city crews when there are problems that arise.

Wilks also expressed concerns that there may be two campers that are hooked to the sewer, and currently, RVs can’t be hooked to a cleanout on the sewer. This will be further explored.

He also asked the Mayor to have the city crew let someone know when there is a problem with any of the equipment as soon as it happens.

There were no further comments. The meeting was then adjourned.

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