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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on May 18. All members were present with the exception of Kelly Jensen.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from Jamison McPherson. McPherson presented the Council with a plan for a subdivision he would like to build with as many as 46 lots. He would like to have City water but thinks that DEQ will approve septic tanks. He asked to have preliminary approval as soon as possible.

McPhearson was told the City would need to check with the engineers and see how much water is available to the City that has not already been allocated. They are unsure of the time frame to be able to get this information. The Mayor will let McPhearson know of the timelines.

The next item on the agenda was the Cemetery decorations. There has been a family member who decorated a tree near the grave of their loved one, and the grounds keepers have told this person that the trees are the City’s and do not belong to the grave. The only decorations allowed, other than at Memorial Day, must not interfere with mowing and trimming. They must be next to the gravestone in designated flower holders. There will be signs posted at the Cemetery to notify people of these stipulations if they want to put decorations around graves.

The Council then reviewed the RV Ordinance with Attorney Joe Hayes. There has been a complaint that an RV was recently hooked up to a sewer clean-out and City water. Hooking an RV to a City sewer clean-out is not allowed; however, some properties do have a sewer hook-up that was grandfathered in when the Council changed the Ordinance. Anyone wishing to review the Ordinance can do so at the City Hall.

The Mayor updated the Council on the progress on the Fourth of July events. The Night in the Park will go from 5-9 p.m. on July 2. The arrangements to have all of the equipment checked out have been made.

The Council has been requested to help with a donation to support the Rotary with fireworks. The Council approved a $250 donation.

In Old Business, the Council addressed how they want to handle those citizens advertising to rent their home or a room for short-term rentals. There have not been any permits issued at this time. The Council decided that those properties will be red-tagged and the Prosecutor will send a letter to the property owners explaining why they must apply for a short-term rental permit.

The Mayor polled the Council for any comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked about the parking for the vegetable greenhouse on the North edge of town. The Mayor said that patrons would park off the street on the owner’s property from now on.

Connar Lutz had nothing to add.

Dana Jacobson asked about the road on 2nd East as there have been large pieces of gravel in the area where the pipe was installed. The rock will be cleaned out and smaller gravel placed there until the road can be paved.

The Council made a note to ensure the appropriate impact fees are charged when work that damages the roadway is done.

Jacobsen also contacted Rocky Mountain Power about getting the poles repainted. No one is sure how the painting process is ordered or conducted. A work order has been completed and they will have to see what happens.

The Mayor asked about the new trees, and it was determined they are to be planted in the next week.

The County held a meeting on the plans for the old courthouse site. There is a plan that a memorial honoring each branch of the Military will be placed on this area. Jacobsen was pleased with the things in the new courthouse that honor the old building. The time capsule still needs to be opened.

Mayor Wilks reported to the Council that the new sweeper broom had arrived. The City crew will start getting the gutters cleaned as soon as they can. The planned road work was discussed as well as the possibility of using Mag Chloride in some areas.

There was no further discussion, and the Council adjourned the meeting.

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