The Paris City Council held its regular meeting on August 6, 2019. Dana Jacobsen was excused, all other members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the items on the agenda were discussed. The tentative budget for 2020 was presented to the council, reviewed and approved.

Laurie Rich reported on the success of the Meet me in Paris Heritage Days. The Heritage Committee was given $2500 to help with the preservation of the Slight’s cabin. Rich urged the council the do things to attract new citizens that will help to keep the heritage of Paris alive. The Committee was also given several paintings of places in Paris. Some of them will be displayed in City Hall. Rich requested Port-a-potties be provided when the Committee holds their upcoming Cemetery Walk on September 28 from 5-10 p.m. The Mayor reminded them to be out of the cemetery before 10 p.m. that is when the sprinklers turn on.

Kristen Davis was present for the council to approve a building permit for a garage. The garage is being planned to be built on the same pad as the previous garage. The council was unable to approve the permit as the structure does not meet the 10’ setback that is required in Paris building ordinance. Kristen informed the council that she was not given that information and was even told she might not need a permit. The council did admit that she was not given the proper information. Davis was recommended to seek a variance on the permit and given information on how to proceed. Adam Johnson will work with Davis in the matter.

Daren Bunn has also requested a permit. Bunn had started to build before obtaining the permit. Starting to build prior to obtaining a permit may result in a fine. More information is needed before the permit may be approved.

Levoy Eborn was requesting a water and sewer hookup. There is an issue with the distance between Eborn’s property and the closest hookup. A new manhole may need to be installed before the city can proceed. The matter will also need further information.

The purchase of new tires for the City backhoe was discussed and approved.

The council discussed the cost that had so far been spent for the new County Courthouse. The County had stated they would reimburse the city rather than wait until the county could do the work needed. The cost is currently approx. $7,000.

The review of Ordinance #376 was tabled. This is the ordinance that when updated, will help eliminate ongoing problems with new structures in the city.

The Council was polled for comments and concerns.

Brad Wilks asked if the Heritage Committee had the funds to put a sprinkler system around the Sleight Cabin, so the water was not hitting the cabin. The possibility of a sprinkler system will be further explored. Jensen also felt that the city crew needs to report equipment problems as soon as they occur, so they don’t get worse. He mentioned the air conditioning in the backhoe is not working.

Kelly Jensen asked in the city could patch the spot at 1st North and Highway 89. The city made the hole, and he felt the city needed to repair it. This will be looked at and if possible repaired with remaining cold patch.

Adam Johnson reported that he with the County Sheriff about the continuing problem of speeding on the Paris Canyon Rd. The Sheriff didn’t recommend speed bumps as they cause problems with plowing in the recommended some dips, which may help with the problem.

Johnson asked who owned a piece of property. It was said to be owned by Doug Taylor. Johnson was concerned with the weed on the property. Johnson asked for an update on the Jones property. He was told that the pipes on the property were collapsed and needed to be replaced. This will correct the issue.