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Paris City Council held its regular meeting on March 16. The Council completed the normal business of the meeting.

The Council heard from Wayne Davidson. He has already started to do some inspections for the City. He has inspected a greenhouse and prebuilt shed. These require building permits, no matter the size, to ensure setbacks are met. The permit will cost $40.

Davidson has also finalized the short-term rental checklist. This inspection and completion of list items must be completed before the short-term rental permit is granted. All people renting homes or rooms for less than 30 days must have a permit before making any rentals. This permit ordinance went into effect on the Jan. 1. Anyone renting without the permit could be cited and could be required to to appear before the judge. There may also be fines.

The rest of the building ordinance clarifications have been completed. Anyone wanting to review or receive a copy of the Ordinance may do so at Paris City Hall during normal business hours.

Janet Johnson appeared before the Council with questions about possibly selling some property within the City limits. She asked the Council about requirements and expectations to proceed. Johnson was given information as to what the Ordinance requires if they decide to sell the property.

The Council reviewed the City Employee Manual, and it has identified the items that must be changed or deleted as recommended by the State Insurance.

Dave Matthews reported what is being offered to the City in order to have a website and accept credit cards. The Council approved the go-ahead with the website. There will be a service charge for paying with a credit card.

The Dog Ordinance is complete, and the Attorney will have it emailed to the clerk.

The Mayor has made the necessary contacts to receive a bid on replacing the street lights on Main. The bid has not yet been received.

The Council then heard from the Mayor regarding plans for the Fourth of July. The breakfast and parade are a "go" as is the Music in the Park. Jason Christensen has requested that he be able to take over that event. He has the necessary equipment and will cover the expenses to hold the event. The final arrangements are being made to have someone responsible for the Youth Rodeo.

The Mayor heard from the Council about any comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews and Kelly Jensen had nothing to report.

Connar Lutz reported a build-up of water on a city street and solutions for the problem.

Dana Jacobsen had been approached by a landowner who wanted to have a septic tank as there is no city sewer within a mile of his property. The Council suggested the property owner contact the State to see what would be allowed. Jacobsen asked if the City should get some trees from the ASCS office tree sale. She has purchased several for her property over the years, and they are doing well. She will bring the order form for the trees to the next meeting.

The Mayor reported that Cody’s has requested to sell hard liquor. They will be referred to the State Liquor Board.

The Council then went into Executive Session on a personnel issue. When the Council returned to the meeting, they made no further decisions.

The Council then adjourned the meeting.

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