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On May 21, 2020, Paris City Council held its Public Hearing on three new ordinances. The ordinances were dealing with Short term rentals, RV Parking, and Noise ordinance.

Public participants attended by a conference call. Joe Hayes, the attorney for the city, facilitated the meeting.

Hayes read the ordinances and then answered any questions or responded to comments. Mark Paker, County Fire Chief as also present.

It was explained that the Short term permit would cost $100 for the first unit and $50 per unit after that.

The business will need to have a tax ID number and be registered to do business in Idaho as well as a Paris City business license.

The first citizen to comment, ask for clarification as to what constitutes a unit. Hayes defined it as one address or one contract. If you had five rooms but rented them all separately, that would be five units. She also asked how long after the ordinance is enacted, will they have to complete the application process.

Another citizen asked if they could wait until January before the license would be enforced. The Council said it would be a case by case for any existing rentals, and any new rental business would have to have their application approved before their first rental booking could take place.

There was only one citizen that objected to the ordinance, and they felt that to comply would be too costly for them to continue in business.

The RV parking and Noise ordinances were read, but no comment was made on them.

After the public hearing, the Council discussed what if any changes or additions they would like made to the ordinances. The final draft is scheduled to be presented to the Council at the next council meeting on June 2.

The meeting was adjourned.

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