Lewis receives plaques

Brent Lewis receives a plaque for the years of service he gave to Paris City. 

Paris City council held its regular meeting on Feb. 4. All members were in attendance. After the regular business of the meeting, Mayor Wilks presented past Mayor Brent Lewis with a plaque to thank him for the 24 years of service he has given to the City of Paris.

The Council then heard from Kevin Jones with HLE on the bids for the Handicap curb access project that is scheduled to be completed this summer. The bid was approved, and then the final notice will go to the company that is awarded the bid. The acceptance will take place at the next council meeting.

The next item was a request for a building permit on the old Paris Hardware property. The person who is looking at purchasing the property called in. He wanted to check to see if he could put a "Tiny House" on the property. The city has not had this type of request before, and also, the property he is looking at is very small. The property line setbacks will still apply. The council will look at this and have the requirements for such a dwelling checked out by the attorney.

Joe Hayes presented the ordinance that the city has asked him to began to prepare on Short Term rentals. St. Charles already has an ordinance in place, and Paris will look at this and decide if this is the way the council would like to proceed.

The Council also is having him look at the Noise and Nuisance Ordinance, Winter Parking, and Ordinance #376, the building Ordinance. These will be tabled until the next meeting.

The council would like to see stiff fines put in place for anyone who begins to build without a building permit. Several people last year started without a permit and then had to redo their project at a significant expense and delay in the project. There is to be no building until the permit is approved and posted. The penalty can be a misdemeanor and result in a fine, jail time and a criminal record for anyone convicted of building without the permit. There would have been only minimal changes necessary if the permits had been obtained before starting to build.

Jordan Jensen is interested in purchasing the Eborn building where currently the Paris Hills office is located. He wanted to check what needs to be done to comply. The council informed him that this property requires a separate sewer and water connection to comply. Mr. Jensen thanked the council for the information and their time.

The council was given a copy of the Personnel manual and will review this before the next meeting.

At the last meeting, the council held an executive session. The council decided at this meeting to give the employees a 3% COLA increase in their wages.

The council then was polled for comments or concerns.

Jeanna Matthews asked if there was any relief program for a citizen that is on a fixed income and can't afford their water and sewer bill. There is currently nothing in place. If someone has a problem, they need to talk to the council. Also, when Jeanna has been cleaning, she has noticed several things in the City Hall that need repairs. There are some cracks in the building that, if not dealt with, could become a problem. She will make a list of the things she has found.

Kelly Jensen feel things are going good. He had nothing to add.

Connar Lutz commented on the street lights still needing repair. He will get some construction tape and mark the lights he finds that are not working.

Dana Jacobsen would like to see the city get a Done picture of the city. Georgetown City is now taking water and sewer payments online. Jacobsen wondered if Paris could do the same thing. It will be checked into by Dave Matthews, City Clerk.

Jacobsen also reported the drain box by the school is starting to back up. She wondered if some of the cement on the corner needs to be removed so the water can flow better.

Mayor Wilks reported that he has talked to Calleen Humphreys, and she is willing to be in charge of the Fourth of July breakfast again. The Mayor is working on the lights. He will also present Big D with a bill for the utilities the city has paid on the construction of the new court hose.

He is still working on the bill for the sewer pump out that was done after the water line was broken. Brent Lewis took pictures to show the line was not plugged below the area impacted by the break, and there was not a problem earlier. Lewis will take the images and go with Mayor Wilks to get the matter resolved.

There was no further business; therefore, the meeting was adjourned.

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