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Paris City Council held its regular Council meeting on Jan. 5, 2020. All Council members were present, but Clerk Dave Matthews was unable to attend.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Council heard from Criss Clausing, the engineer recommended that a 4” main sewer line be used, but it will need to hook to an 8” line. Mayor Wilks said the City would pay for an upgrade to an 8” line. The sewer line needs to go on the west side of 1st East. Whoever puts it in will need a Public Works license. It will cost around $10,000, the contractor may need to place 6” rock under the line to help hold line stable possibly. The cost of the required manhole will cost $3,000 — $3.500 each. We will need to get them from CastleLite Construction. The depth of the hole is unknown at this time. Mayor Wilks gave Clausing contact info for Sunrise Engineer. Mayor Wilks also told the Council that the sewer pipe is ordered.

The next item of the subdivision planned by Jamison McPherson was tabled until the next meeting.

The Dog Ordinance was tabled as Joe Hayes, the City Attorney, was unable to attend.

The next item was Contract with County for a building inspector. Kelly Jensen motioned that the City adopt the International building code and the State Building code. The motion was seconded and approved.

After a lengthy discussion, Kelly Jensen made the motion to go forward with a contract with the County for a building inspector. The motion was seconded and all in favor except Connar Lutz. Lutz voted against moving forward.

Jensen and the Mayor reminded the Council that if the Council finds having an inspector causes problems of does not work as hoped that with a 60-day notice, the contract could be canceled.

The Council also feels there needs to be a resolution on an ordinance e relating to tiny houses. Water and sewer hookups will need to be approved and paid before a building permit is issued.

The next item was Annexing the Kallen Humpherys & Todd Wallentine property North of Paris (Action Item). The Mayor gave the Council the information that the City cannot annex property on the East side of the road’s because Parkins isn’t annexed. Humphreys wants to do 1 acre lots on West Side. For this to happen, A. A. Hudson will need to write a legal description. Humphreys will need to pay all legal costs.

The Mayor then heard any comments or concerns that the Council has.

Jenna Matthews reported that the Covid Grant money had not been accepted or denied. The City also will need a bid to apply for the FEMA grant.

Kelly Jensen and Connar Lutz had nothing further to report.

Dana Jacobsen would like to see a celebration for 125 years since the City was incorporated. Mayor Wilks felt this should happen, but it will be decided when. A committee may be formed to hold the event.

The Mayor reported that Glen’s Electric is coming to work on the lift Stations Pump floats. If Glen feels confident and it would work, they may remove one of the motors to rework.

The City shed still not completed. The electrical drops are still needed.

The City has a bill because Derek Green had to camera the sewer line at Kirk Rich’s old home. The current landowner needs to pay the bill as the problem was on their land, not the city property.

The Council then motioned and approved to pay the bills.

The Council moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:10.

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