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The monthly school board meeting took place Tuesday, Sept. 8. All members of the board were present.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Angie Grunig.

The agenda was approved as well as minutes from the previous meeting. Bills paid since the Aug. 11 meeting were approved in the amount of $281,429.63.

In the public portion of the meeting, Lisa James asked that Parks and Rec be able to use the gymnasium for the little kids to be able to play volleyball and basketball on Saturdays. She said they would sanitize and meet any requirements needed to make this happen. This was approved by the board.

The first item in the Superintendent’s Reports was plaques that were presented to retiring employees of the school district. The first plaque was presented to Rhonda Gambling and the second to Annette Barnson who have both been lunch workers. The third plaque was presented to Dr. Steve Heeder who has been the principal of the Middle School for many years.

The second item was the School Building Use Policy 4140C limiting gatherings and use of facilities. It was agreed the taxpayers pay for the facilities and it is important for the kids to have the exercise and the socialization. They will follow the guidelines outlined. The policy was approved.

Third was the AB Modified Schedule of Personnel Issues. This is a plan where if the school has to move to an AB schedule, teachers will be able to bring their school-age children who have no daycare to school with them, and those children will just go to their regular classes, making them attend double in the week. They would end up going all four days even though on an AB schedule. This would give the teachers the ability to take care of their children and still work. The plan was approved.

A presentation was then given regarding the Freshman Orientation held the first day of school. They trained the Freshman students on the Summit Program and made them aware of the electives available. Several freshman students were interviewed and said they really appreciated knowing about the electives and how many there were. Learning about the Summit Program helped them be leaps and bounds ahead.

Action Items, the 2-19-2020 Audit: Tim Voight called in and presented the audit. He said the audit was in great shape and that everything went well. In the General Fund, the ending balance was $1.68 million with a 2.5-month operating reserve. Tim said this is a healthy spot to be in. The Fund balance increased by $8,000 in Child Nutrition with a 2-month operating reserve. The Plant Facilities Fund is working as it should There was a Depreciation Fund balance of $94,430 which is a good strong position. Other Governmental Funds are operating as they should and are in good shape. In Student Funds, ASB also looks at the individual accounts to see if there are negative balances, which is a big deal because they should only spend what there is. If they are overspending, they are taking directly from another account. Six of them are being overspent by an average of $1,500. They need to make sure they stay in the positive or break even. Everything else is in good condition. The Audit for the 2019-2020 School Year was approved.

Policy E-2 Overnight High School Trip Schedule was approved.

Policy E-3 Lunch Price Fee Increase was discussed. It was mentioned the fee stays within the national average and is actually lower than surrounding areas. The fee wasn’t raised last year, which made it mandatory that it be raised this year. Also, the price of goods is going up. The policy was approved.

New Policy E-4, Middle School 2020-2021 Handbook Revision, was approved.

Policy E-5 Transportation Communication is regarding the fact that some areas in the district have no radio contact. A new tower and the cost of a repeater has been priced for $14,000 so that all buses can be reached no matter where they are in the district. The policy was approved with stipulations to double check the monthly or yearly fees that may be attached.

E-6 — New Policy #1400C the Board of Trustees was approved.

E-7 — New Policy #1620C Board Goals and Objectives was approved with the change of “shall” to “may” adopt goals.

E-8 — New Policy #1700C Applicability of Emergency Policy Series was approved.

E-9 — New Policy #1701C COVID-19 Emergency Policies was approved.

E-10 — New Policy #2110C Lesson Plan was approved.

E-11 — New Policy #2210P2C Health Emergency Related School Closure was approved with the change of closing the school for up to four school days. Any closure greater than 4 days may only be approved by the Board. The Superintendent shall contact local media to report any decision to close a school and shall inform impacted employees and parents/guardians of impacted students by student notification.

E-12 — New Policy #2315C Physical Activity Opportunities and Physical Education (PE) During Health Emergencies was denied.

E-13 — New Policy #2370C Homebound, Hospital, and Home Instruction was approved.

E-14 — New Policy #2240C Online Courses and Alternative Credit Options was approved.

E-15 — New Policy #2720C Participation in Commencement Exercises was approved.

E-16 — New Policy #3050C Attendance Policy was approved.

E-17 — New Policy #3085 Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Retaliation Policy and Policy #3085F Notice of Investigation & Allegation Template are federal requirements for Title 9 and were approved, however Richard Smart did not vote.

E-18 — New Policy #3255C Student Dress During Health Emergency was approved.

E-19 — New Policy #3500C Student Health/Physical Screenings Examinations During Public Health Emergency was approved with the last paragraph changed to read, “All parents will be notified of the requirements of the District’s policy on physical examinations and screening of students prior to examination.” Also the following was changed: “All students will engage in hand hygiene at times” to “All students should engage in good hand hygiene.” Items 1 through 7 will be removed, which included specific hand washing times.

E-20 — New Policy #3520C Contagious or Infectious Disease During Health Emergency Symptoms of Illness was approved.

E-21 — New Policy #4140C Gatherings, Events and Visitors to the Schools During Health Emergency was denied.

E-22 — New Policy #5210C Work Days During Health Emergency was approved.

E-23 — New Policy #5212C Administrative process for Employee Telework During Health Emergency was approved.

E-24 — New Policy #5235C Health Examination and Symptoms of Illness During Health Emergency was approved.

E-25 — New Policy #5400C Leaves of Absence During Health Emergency was approved using Alternative 1 and did not opt in on consideration for voluntary leave.

E-26 — New Policy #5600C Staff Health During Health Emergency was approved with Alternative 1 — Delegation of Authority.

E-27 — New Policy #5610C Prevention of Disease Transmission During Health Emergency was approved including Option 2, which indicates that staff are encouraged to wear facial coverings while present in any school building, and removes items 1 through 7 which itemized specific times to wear masks.

E-28 — New Policy #8103C Transportation Funds During Periods of Emergency Declaration was denied.

E-29 — New Policy #8120C Bus Routes, Stops, and Non-Transportation Zones was approved with the revision: “During a time of federal, state, or local emergency, pupils should adhere to physical distancing or other safety measures while riding on District-provided transportation.”

E-30 — New Policy #8140C Student Conduct on Buses During Health Emergency was denied.

E-31 — New Policy #8240C School Meals was approved.

E-32 — New Policy #9405C Student Health Physical Distancing During Health Emergency was approved with Option 2, which designates how elementary school courses will be delivered, secondary school courses will be delivered, how parent arrival times to drop off and pick up students will be handled, and authorized visitors to the school will maintain social distancing.

E-33 — Combined District Plan was approved.

The meeting was then adjourned.

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