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Dear District 32 Constituents,

I recently spoke to Regional Supervisor Dan Garrett of the Idaho Fish and Game. The Bear Lake gill netting project will be put off for a year in order to get public input and to “educate the public.” The IFG is now requesting Representative Gibbs, Senator Harris and I to meet with them to discuss this further.

Other good news: About a year and a half ago I got the ball rolling to give Idaho residents a week of pheasant hunting before out-of-staters could hunt. I did this in response to a petition put out by residents around the Preston area. So, they are the ones that really got the ball rolling. The IFG recently voted on it. It will take effect this hunting season! Enjoy your week of pheasant hunting without out-of-staters! I need to get down there with my sons and lab for pheasant season.

Last week, we had a school shooting in Idaho. I had hoped this would help give some legislators motivation to push my school carry bill through. Chairwoman Patti Ann Lodge only dug her heels in even more to resist my bill that overwhelmingly passed the House. Lodge told me the school safety plan had worked. That is absurd. Three people were shot, and we could easily have three deaths on our hands. She stated there would have been a death if the staff had been armed. I told her that was quite an assumption and I don’t believe it would have ended any different. If the teacher had been armed, I believe she still would have acted the same way when she saw the student reloading. The hero teacher grabbed the student and held her. I have been told she was held with love and spoken to with love.

When I testified in committee this year, I said it isn’t IF it is WHEN we have a shooting. That came true only 2 months later. Now it is not IF, but WHEN we will have fatalities unless my bill passes, and staff can protect our children. As I have stated, I respect law enforcement. I was in law enforcement, but they cannot be everywhere. There was a school resource officer on school property when this shooting took place in Rigby. However, the officer was not around when 3 people were shot and the teacher stopped the shooter, not the officer. I have articulated police cannot respond in time; this situation certainly validates that when an officer was on the property. Utah has allowed concealed permit holders to carry in schools K-12 for 25 years and they have not had a school shooting. I have no doubt they would have had one otherwise. People don’t want to be shot back at and avoid places where that may happen. The Rigby school is a “gun-free school zone.” Sure, those that want to defend themselves aren’t allowed to have a firearm. Next year, I have a plan to get my bill by Chairwoman Lodge in the Senate.

Sine Die in the Senate has taken place. At about 11:30PM on Wednesday May 12th, the House adjourned subject to call of the chair until December 31st. That means Speaker of the House Bedke could call us back into action and thus force the Senate to come back with us.

The Governor said we could trust him to call us back, if needed. This is the same guy who intentionally left legislators out of the entire “emergency” process and laughed at us, telling legislators there was nothing we could do about it. This is the same guy who violated the constitutional protections of Idahoans and has destroyed many Idaho businesses. This is the same guy who takes credit for this year’s legislative successes. Trust him? That might be the funniest thing I have heard all year.

This was a grueling legislative session. I am tired. I am so happy to be done. I’m not so happy with the mediocre results. Nonetheless, the mediocre results went in the right direction. If we didn’t have such a left leaning Senate, we would have had a more successful year. This was the longest legislative session in Idaho history. Good or bad, I guess I am part of this history. Good or bad, I attempted to impeach the Governor for his gross violations of the Idaho and U.S. Constitutions. This was the first time in Idaho

history that an impeachment attempt was made on a governor. I don’t regret it. I promised you I will always stand for the Constitution. I intend to always keep that promise.

I have enjoyed representing so many good people and families. I am proud to be your representative. It feels good to represent people who love God and cherish family.

I will make it around the district periodically and will let you know when I do. You can reach me at 208-419-3020. I won’t be answering my office phone in Boise since we are not in session. You will get the fastest response if you email me at

God bless and take care,

Representative Chad Christensen

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