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I hope you are well, and you are enjoying spring. I am certainly ready to be done with this legislative session. It has been a trying one for me. Many of us were under the assumption that it would be a priority to end the emergency order. It was not a priority. However, House Bill 135 is finally getting some traction. This bill limits the Governor’s powers during emergencies. It was amended in the Senate and then sent back to us. We passed it again. It will now go to Governor and I am confident he will veto it. Therefore, the legislature must be vigilant by overriding that veto. I am confident the House will override it. Please email Senator Harris to make sure he is on board with an override. We need to make sure the Senate overrides it, as well.

The Legislature has discovered that the Department of Health and Welfare has been storing vaccination records of Idahoans without having the authority or permission to do so. Both House and Senate leadership have recognized this, and we will be addressing this issue.

House Bill 354 was killed. This is funding for education. It was not killed because we do not want to fund the education of our youth. We demand that social justice and critical race theory are completely ousted from our education system before we approve a budget. We don’t want this Marxist propaganda taught to our kids. Therefore, language has been drafted to ensure that this is no longer taught in our schools. Once this is accepted, we will move to fully fund.

House Bill 339 easily passed the House. This bill bans mask mandates in the state. Will the Senate hear it now? Will Chairwoman Lodge hear it?

House Republicans that voted against it are Chaney, Clow, Furniss, Gibbs, Hartgen, Kauffman, Lickley, Manwaring, Syme, and Youngblood. I can’t believe we have to bring a bill to address this issue. Does anyone believe that our founders would have been ok with government forcing a citizen to wear an apparatus? The conditioning of the American people continues at an alarming rate. The violation of personal liberties is becoming easier and easier. I can’t think of anything more God-given and personal than our bodies, yet many governments think it may violate that.

House Bill 300 is not being heard. This is Senator Christy Zito’s bill. This bill nullifies federal gun control. Some in the Senate have a problem with Senator Zito. She is a former House member and one of us liberty legislators. Now the Senate has drafted a near identical version and have someone else lined up to be the sponsor. These are the games some legislators can play. The Senate bill is SB 1205. If the end result is the same, they can take credit for it. Many of us don’t have this pride and only care about the people. Senator Zito told me that she was fine, if it produced the same result. She has humility for the people. She is here for the right reasons.

HB 298 passed both bodies. I had been working on this very issue. This bill requires that schools tell parents they can opt out of any vaccinations. Many schools in the state intimidate parents into getting all vaccinations and do not inform parents they can opt out. The Governor now needs to sign it.

Senate Bill 1139 passed the House and is now heading to the Governor. This limits the powers of the Director of Health and Welfare during emergencies.

I did not vote for HJR4. This would amend the Idaho Constitution to require a 2/3rds vote from the legislature to move schedule 1 drugs to schedule 2. The body has never gotten a 2/3rds vote when moving drugs to schedule 2. I am not an advocate of marijuana and will NEVER support legalizing recreational use. However, whether we like it or not it does have healing properties. CBD oil would be near impossible to be approved, if this passed. I know of a child in our district that has violent 3-hour seizures if he is not using CBD oil, because of his epilepsy. His parents can be criminalized for simply caring for their child. CBD oil has .3 THC and it is impossible for anyone to get a high from it. I testified that methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, etc. will never become legal. Yes, there are states that have irresponsibly used medical marijuana. However, there are more states that have done it responsibly. This can be very tightly regulated. The LDS Church even backed medical marijuana in Utah. I do not see a problem in Utah. This was a very difficult vote for me. I knew I would have people that vastly disagreed with me no matter how I voted.

You can read any bill on the Idaho Legislature website. Here is a link to all the bills.

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