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It has been a quick start into the 2020 legislative session. I apologize for not getting a newsletter out last week. I was swamped with the workload. As the Idaho House of Representatives, we have been going through each administrative rule in our committees, as a result of the House sending all of them into temporary status last session. This was one of my most proud moments as a House member. I am trying to reduce the size and scope of government during this process, as well as working to eliminate rules that violate your freedoms.

The Department of Health and Welfare is a major culprit in the violation of those rights. As you may know, I sit on the Health and Welfare Committee. On Tuesday, some rules came before us that only a few of us attempted to stop. We tried to stop the mandating of immunizations and to put a limit on the authority of Child Protective Services (CPS). I am an advocate for the protection of our children. That is why I am working so hard on my School Safety bill. However, Representative Zollinger and I have serious concerns about the constitutionality of many rules involving CPS. We strongly believe many of these rules violate due process. I certainly do not want my child taken from me, without being afforded the due process guaranteed to us in the U.S. Constitution.

This week the education committee has the opportunity to abolish Common Core. The hearings are going on as I write this newsletter. The documented results of Common Core have not shown an increase in aptitude amongst our students since it was implemented. I read a recent article on the matter. It stated most educators support Common Core. No offense educators, you do a great job. However, this is the decision of parents, not the state’s. These children belong to the people, not the educators or government officials. The State Board of Education toured the state asking for public input last year on the matter. I feel most Idahoans do not want Common Core. It is time we end totalitarianism in this state. The government does not know better than you or I when it comes to our children. My 12-year-old son does not need Common Core. It inhibits him and it does not challenge him. Young children think concretely; Common Core uses abstract problems.

Here are some bills that I am working on:

-School safety bill — allow all Enhanced Weapons Permit holders to carry in schools K-12. House State Affairs Committee Chairman Steve Harris refuses to hear my entire bill. Therefore, I have gotten senate leadership on board and am starting my bill over there.

-The Heartbeat bill. I am co-sponsoring the bill to abolish abortion in Idaho. If it fails, Representative Nichols and I will run the Heartbeat bill. We must do something to reduce the murders of innocent human beings.

-Anti-sanctuary cities for illegal aliens.

-Adding daycares to the prohibited list for sex offenders to be near.

-Legislation that does not require cities and counties to keep 2 years’ worth of video recordings. The current law is very expensive for taxpayers.

-Legislation to put the welfare fraud unit under the jurisdiction of the Idaho State Police. Currently, it is under the jurisdiction of Health and Welfare. This is the fox watching the hen house. I am an ex-welfare fraud investigator. I have many disturbing stories and it has only gotten much worse since I left.

-A resolution to show that the Idaho Legislature discourages removing names, images, and symbols of Native Americans. It will read that Native Americans have positively contributed to our state and we want to continue to honor them. I strongly feel that no body of people uses a name or mascot that they are ashamed of or that is a racial slur in their eyes. This is in response to Teton County School Board abolishing the Redskin name. In this country, there is an agenda to destroy local heritage, so that long-time residents no longer have an identity and so generational traditions become extinct. At that point, new ideas can be instituted. This has started in Idaho and will continue, if we don’t stop it. This is also intended to protect the Preston Indians.

Bills I am co-sponsoring:

-A bill to repeal the requirement to report your auto insurance to the Department of Transportation. This law increased the size and scope of government. It increased the government’s policing authority over the Citizens of Idaho. It needs to go. Representative Heather Scott will be the sponsor.

-As stated, I will be co-sponsoring the abortion abolition bill. The sponsor of that bill is Representative Heather Scott.

-Legislation to compensate wrongfully convicted people.

Possible legislation I may bring:

- I will run a liquor license bill for Teton County, if the statewide bill does not pass. This will allow more liquor licenses, instead of allowing a few to have a monopoly. Running it for just Teton County will be a trial run for the rest of the state, if the statewide bill does not pass. I believe in freedom and fairness, even though I do not drink and have certain religious convictions.

I will fight to the end to preserve traditional Idaho. I will continue to fight to preserve and restore freedom. You have seen my work last session. I stood for liberty. I had a 97% Idaho Freedom Foundation score, my score decreased from 99% only because I got violently ill at the end of session and missed some votes. I received a 100% score from the American Conservative Union. This is a national organization. Only 5 of us Idaho legislators received this honor. I am not a pretend conservative. I don’t just claim that I am a conservative; stay strong with me. I will be posting “Calls to Action” on my Chad Christensen for Idaho Facebook page periodically. I will fight so we don’t fall into the same fates as California, Oregon, and Washington. I love Idaho. I was born here. I raised my boys here. My family and I will not go quietly into the night.

I hope you have a great week. Take care.

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