“Route Sixty-six.’ is an emblematic song that immortalizes Route 66 in the minds of several generations: as an iconic Road Trip, a journey where the traveler can get his kicks, enjoying and savoring the moment and the freedom of riding the road……. Route 66 website

When picturing taking the road trip of a lifetime, it’s not possible for that vision to not include the perfect automobile. Perhaps driving a classic 1959 Cadillac Convertible, or a 1950 two-seat Porsche Speedster comes to mind. “There is a car for every purse and purpose” Alfred P. Sloan

The 13th Annual Rotary Bear Lake car show held on July 27th showcased many beautiful automobiles that were fantasy road trip worthy! It was as if a giant bag of Skittles had broken open and spread across the lawn of Stock Park! Hot Rods, Trucks and Motorcycles were painted every color in the rainbow. There were 63 entries this year. Every automobile displayed represented power, freedom, and a sense of adventure. One couldn’t help but envisioning themselves behind the wheel and hitting the open road.

It was the perfect day for a car show. The sun hid behind clouds with a slight breeze, helping to keep the temperature down. Proud owners stood by polishing their cars, visiting with patrons, and enjoying the event. Classic oldies music played over the loudspeaker. Event-goers, we’re snapping photos of their favorite cars, with some owners allowing the public to sit in the automobile to have their picture taken.

Stories were shared of how the owners acquired their automobiles and how much time was spent on the restoration. One owner had purchased his 54 Chevy Pickup when he was a kid then later ended up selling it. He was aware each time his truck was sold and to who. The last owner happened to be an old school friend, and he eventually was able to talk him into selling it back to him. He finally got his believed truck back. People develop personal relationships with their cars. A car is an extension of our personality. It speaks of who we are.

Some owners find classic cars in not so classic shape and enjoy the hobby of fixing them up and breathing new life back in them. It is an art, a quest for near perfection. Yes, it’s time-consuming, labor-intensive and costly, but in the end, the result speaks for itself, and there is a sense of pride that goes with it that says “I did this.”

While strolling through the vast array of cars, attendees could support local vendors that featured various items for sale. There were food and cold beverages available for purchase, and the Rotary Club was on site selling hotdogs, chips, and soda. Many local businesses sponsored the event by donating prizes for raffle ticket drawings. Prizes included soda, Itune gift cards, travel blankets, BBQ sauce, tumblers, food certificates, car wax, and much more.

Each car entry was given a number and would be judged. An awards ceremony was held at the end of the show announcing the winners.

Not every automobile could win, but every car was a winner in its own right. The owners should be proud. After all, they own these beauties, and nothing beats a really good ride.