Monday was the big day. Samuel Charles joined our little family, that thinking about it isn’t so little anymore. Now Heather and I have four children. Wednesday was also a big day, the first day back to school for my fifth year teaching. Let’s just say that this week has been crazy, long, and I don’t know if I will ever recover from it, I am so tired. But, I also wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Oh and this is my 200th article, so that is cool.

To prepare for this week I prepped my classroom last week. That included putting together a website for my History class, that is much further along then when I wrote my past article, in fact, other than the lesson plans I could say that it is mostly done other than the occasional error that I find in it. But this involved several midnight or later nights and because I am a morning person not too much sleeping in.

Sunday night, Heather’s mom showed up to help while I took Heather to the hospital Monday morning. She swore the baby would be out by noon… It was 12:02, and her epidural didn’t work, so full pain. She is amazing. In fact, just two days later she was taking Jon to school and being a full time mom all on her own. Today she was out weeding the garden! I don’t know what I did to deserve such a woman but I’m sure glad I got her.

I do have to say though that the whole thing was extremely stressful for me. The process of giving birth is the most dangerous thing in the history of everything. All the things that can go wrong. From the moment that I walked into that hospital until after the birth I was freaking out. What if this, and what if that? I almost passed out while she was in Labor. Call me a wimp but I can barely handle it. She is so much tougher than me.

Samuel Charles is what we decided to name him. Charles after me, she didn’t want it to be his first name though, and she nixed Spartacus so we had to go with something else. Samuel is an old family name from my side of the family. It also happens to relate to the names of Jon and Dave. Jonathan and David are named after the Jonathan and David from the Old Testament, best friends that helped each other. Samuel is the prophet that called David to be the King of Israel. We have already seen in our family how Jon and Dave are best friends taking after their namesakes relationship. We hope that Sam will join in and the three together can be best friends and take care of their sister.

On a separate note, the first couple days of school have come and gone. Homework was assigned on day one, just some reading and a single question to answer, but I wasted no time getting into learning. There is so much we have to cover and with this larger focus on reading and writing I have even less time to cover the history that I want to cover then I did before. But, we will make it work. It has been great being back at school and having a schedule again. Here’s to the start of a great new year (school year that is)!

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