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The Bear Lake County School District Board held its regular meeting on May 11. All members were present.

After the regular business of the meeting, the Board asked if there was any public to be heard. There was no public present requesting to be heard.

The Superintendent’s Report was the next agenda item. The Superintendent trained the Board on the “Use it or Lose it Policy,” which is a policy to keep districts from being too frugal and having class sizes too large.

The Superintendent then asked the Board what, if anything, they wanted to do on the Bond situation. There are still improvements and possible new building projects that need to take place. The District does not want to have buildings become so run down that there is no way to bring them up to standard. The damage or deterioration may still be so bad that the buildings would no longer suit the current use.

The Board wants to find a way to hear what the community wants to have done before asking them to vote. They felt that last time they knew by surveys that were returned and comments they received what people wanted. After they had the plans completed, they found the community did not want what they felt was a much more paired-back plan. The vote was only 17 percent in favor of that Plan.

Rich Smart suggested that costs may be at a better level in four year’s time, but there is no guarantee. The Board will tour the buildings and see what condition they are in and what improvements are needed. The details will be decided for the tour at the June meeting.

They have had several assessments done, and all evaluations indicate that improvements need to be made on several of the buildings.

The District will hold a surplus sale on July 29.

The Superintendent said that for “What’s Right,” Polly Dahlke will be inducted into the ISHA Hall of Fame for her accomplishments as a Coach. He felt this was an honor for her and the District.

There were eight action items Items on the agenda.

E-1 was approved to contract with Quadrant Consulting LLC, and ISBA. This re-zoning is looked at every 10 years when a census is completed. If the District contracts with them now, they will receive a discount. Depending on the Census info, a re-zoning may be required.

E-2 was a re-evaluation of the Online School. The Board was told that having 200 students is working well, but raising the number of students would cost more than benefits. The Board moved to deny expanding the online school.

E-3 was the approval to sell some office chairs at the surplus sale.

E-4 was a motion to make no changes to the Return to School Plan. The Board did not make any change to the Plan.

E-5 was the first reading of the Air Quality Restrictions on Outdoor Activities. The Board denied this policy.

E-6 was approved to accept policy #3010 Open Enrollment Policy and policy #3010P1 Open Enrollment Procedure.

E-7 was approved to accept the first reading on policy# Community Relations Uniform Grievance Procedure and policy # Community Relations Concerns You Would Like Addressed.

E-8 was approved to accept the first reading of policy #4600 Community Relations Volunteer Assistance and policy #4600P Community Relations Volunteer Assistance Procedures.

The Board then adjourned the meeting.

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