Shelly Thompson

Superintendent Brogan and Kendall Roberts thank Shelly Thompson for 26 years of service.

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Bear Lake School District held its regular meeting on July 13. Prior to the regular meeting the Board toured A.J. Winters and the Middle School to assess the necessary repairs and improvements needed.

The Board completed the regular business of the meeting.

There was no public to be heard. The Superintendent asked the Board to wait until September to finish touring Georgetown and the High School. The Board agreed to wait until September. The Superintendent told the Board that there is another round of Covid money coming to the District. Twenty percent of this money is to go towards help students catch up with their education due to the delays because of the Covid virus. Our students are in a good position, and this goal may prove challenging. The Board will hold a work meeting in August to address this issue.

Superintendent Brogan and Kendall Roberts presented Shelly Thompson with a plaque and thanked her for her 26 years of service. Shelly was the janitor at Georgetown Elementary School.

Dr. Lindsay then reviewed the data on testing for them Middle School and High School students. Bear Lake students were slightly lower in the fall than most students, but in the Spring, they were above most students on a national level. Both Dr. Lindsay and Principal Kelsey were happy with the progress and ranking of the Bear Lake students.

Superintendent Brogan wanted the Board to know how much he and his office appreciate the District Staff.

The Board then moved to the action items.

E-1 The Board approved the Staff Handbook.

E-2 The Board approved the School Handbooks after a lengthy discussion on the Middle School Policy that makes any student who has had an in-school or out-of-school suspension ineligible for the end-of-year field trip to Lagoon. It was decided the policy will say with two in-school or one out-of-school suspension, the student would be ineligible for the trip. The Board also felt that any item in the policy should be enforced or removed from the handbook.

E-3 The Board approved adding a large TV and tables from the Georgetown School, an 82 Red Chevy 3/4 Ton Truck, to the surplus sale list.

E-4 The Board approved the FFA National Convention trip to Indiana and will fly into Nashville and drive from there. The trip allows the students to visit some different areas and further their learning. The trip is only offered every other year. Preston and Westside also go on the trip with Bear Lake.

E-5 The Board approved the Return to school plan with no changes.

E-6 The Board approved sun setting all of the District’s policies in place specifically to deal with the COVID Virus, effective 7 13, 2021.

E-7 The Board tabled the Policy on Personnel Whistleblowing until determined if this is a mandatory policy.

E-8 The Board approved Policy # 4150, Accommodating Individuals with Disabilities.

E-9 The Board approved Policy #7218 Federal Grant Financial Management System.

E-10 The Board approved policy #7218 Federal Debarment and Suspension.

E-11 The Board approve policy #8605 Retention of District Records. The Superintendent pointed out that many of the records must be maintained by the District forever.

The Board adjourned the meeting.

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