Bear Lake School Board

Bear Lake school District members being sworn in, in January.

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Bear Lake County School Board held its regular meeting on Dec. 8. The meeting was held on Zoom for the public to attend. All members, with the exception of Angie Grunig, were present. Kendall Roberts was acting Chair.

After the regular business of the meeting, there was a brief update on District COVID numbers. The Superintendent did not have specific numbers but reported that it has seemed better since coming back from Thanksgiving break. He reported only one staff member has tested positive since Thanksgiving.

The Board will look at the Dress Code in reference to hats being allowed at the high school next month.

The Board approved the distribution of employee gift certificates.

Board Training was a video from Laurel Jensen on some of the good work the teachers are doing in this difficult time. The Board appreciated the video.

The Board also agreed to holding a retreat on Jan. 12, the same day as Board meeting. They will start the retreat right after lunch and continue until School Board meeting that night.

The Board then moved to the agenda items, the first item being E-1 — Bus Specifications. The Board asked if the specifications allowed all vendors to bid. Johnathan Hemmert, Transportation Director, stated that they do. The Board asked what bus was being replaced. Hemmert said that the extra bus, which is a 2008 bus, will be sold, and the Handicap bus, which the new bus will replace, will be the surplus bus.

E-2 — Emergency Closure that took place Nov. 23 and Nov. 24 was approved.

E-3 — Declaration of Need to Approve Logan Bateman as a PE teacher was approved.

E-4 — Supplemental Levey was approved for $650,000, which is down from $700,000, the amount of the last levy. Joey Probst was asked how the District has done this year. Probst reported it had been tight but they had gotten by because of the numerous COVID grants received. The Board members, Rich Smart and Paul Alleman, expressed the idea that the District needs to only spend enough to meet their needs without extra. They are concerned that if a time comes when the Levy does not pass, what would happen to the budget. The Board approved the motion to drop the levy by $50,000 dollars.

E-5 — Return to School Plan. The Board discussed in length who should be allowed to attend extra-curricular activities. They felt the student body should be allowed to attend the games as they all go to school together every day. The Board reported they had received several e-mails on this subject. Superintendent Brogan reminded the Board it is the Governor’s role back to Stage 2 where he states that disregarding the order could result in civil and criminal fines and could result in being charged with a lawsuit. Some Board members felt our district is in a different situation than much of the State. Brogan also reminded the Board that our district could be sanctioned when it comes to State finals if they do not comply. Board members did not feel the numbers here warrant that drastic of a policy. Rich Smart felt the Governor’s order violated First Amendment rights by limiting Citizens their right to gather. The motion was made to allow all team members, cheerleaders, band, and dance team to be allowed two tickets each. The student body of the school playing will also be allowed. There will also be two tickets for each of the team members for the visiting team.

E-7 — Second Reading of the Revised Policy on Facility Use Agreement #4210F3, Hold Harmless Agreement for Use of District Facilities, #4210F2 Policy, #4210P Facility use Application will be changed to say will follow all District policies rather than follow all Federal, State and District policies.

E-8 — The Board approved Policy #4225 Equipment Usage.

E-9 — The Board decided not to approve Personnel Leadership Premiums unless they are State funded. The Superintendent reminded the Board that funded or not, the work still needs to be done. There are not many in the District that receive this Premium.

E-10 — The Board approved Policy #8170 Non-Instructional Operations. They felt staff is cleaning and disinfecting all equipment they use now anyway.

E-11 — The Board Approved Policy #8235 Water Consumption/ Water Bottle Policy. All schools now have a bottle filling station.

The Board motioned to adjourn the meeting at 9:15 p.m.

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