School is back in session in many areas of Eastern Idaho, and with that comes an influx of

motorists, pedestrians, and bicycles in and around school zone areas. The Montpelier Police Department and Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office, along with many other agencies

statewide, are participating in a Mobilization Grant that runs September 16th through the 20th from the Idaho Office of Highway Safety to target distracted drivers in and around school zones. We will have extra Officers and Deputies on the streets watching for violations and distracted driving in various areas around our schools. This includes subdivisions, neighborhoods, and roads around the school campuses in the City of Montpelier and other parts of Bear Lake County.

Our goal in participating in this extra mobilization is to increase awareness of school zone areas and remind everyone to pay extra attention to their driving. We have numerous areas with cross walks, crossing guards, bus load and unloading areas, pedestrians and bicycles traveling to and from school.

The Montpelier Police Department and Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office ask for your help.

Please plan ahead and give yourself plenty of travel time. Being in too big of a hurry with your driving puts you and others at a risk that’s significantly greater than saving small moments of time in your day. Being patient with other drivers and using good driving habits sets a better example for those that do not and will reduce the chances of being involved in an incident.

We also urge parents to educate their children who walk or ride a bicycle to a school or bus stop about watching for traffic; using the sidewalks, crosswalks and crossing guards where available; and obeying the rules of the road for bikes and pedestrians.

Students should always make eye contact with drivers when crossing the street or at intersections and never expect traffic to automatically stop just because they enter the roadway or a crosswalk.

Parents should also discuss with their children good safety habits in avoiding strangers and reporting suspicious activity to an adult or Law Enforcement.

Always remember to wear your seat belts, have kids in the appropriate car seat or booster, and wear a helmet when riding your bicycle. Use good driving habits and always pay attention to changing weather patterns and road conditions that may affect your ability to drive or see clearly. Doing this will help us keep crashes and incidents to a minimum and ensure safe travels for everyone.

For more information, contact Lt. Blake Wells, Montpelier Police Department 208-847-1324; or Deputy Gregg Knutti, Bear Lake County Sheriff’s Office 208-945-2121.